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Crime isn't really prevalent on the news or in day to day life. Police are usually visible in the area.
Nice area to live in. Harsh winters, but beautiful summers and scenery. I would choose to live here again.
From an average person's perspective, the biggest crime around here is littering, and even that's pretty mild. Old folks talk about all the druggies, but you don't really hear about big drug busts going on around here.
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It's a nice place to live, not too busy, but still having everything you might need. As far as entertainment goes, it's rather lacking. The most exciting thing you could do is go somewhere else, as they say. A lot of people move here because they're military, but it doesn't give much of a reason to stay if you're looking for lots to do.
The area is boring overall and the education system is lacking in programs for the children which makes college harder for them opposed to if they had better programs and more college experience before hand. For things to do, travel time is at least twenty minutes. For the overall depletion of wealth in the area everything is extremely expensive.
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