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The neighborhood I live in is quiet however there are a lot of cars that use the residential streets in this area. I live in a house and there are only houses in my neighborhood which is a plus.
the police don't really care or are tired of the same outcome.
over all not a great place to live. the area i live in is a bad environment to be in. Over all people are just misguided and wont change but don't stand we have to educate or self first then make change with love. but poverty has a whole of my environment. i wish not to live here but what can you do, sense i'm here i rather be the change or help the change in my environment reason for me applying for a scholar ship.
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The area I live in is not all that. There are crimes going on and I want to move but we have no money to I just want to get my high school diploma and go to college and make money to live the life i deserve to live.
I love living in the area I am now but at the same time I feel that I should move on in life to experience new things.
It's in Miami, the weather is great, and it only rains during Hurricane season which typically falls in the summer.
It's average. Art events are there, they just aren't big to the community as a whole.
It's not terrible, it just isn't the most prosperous area, and it isn't thriving with new businesses.
It just depends on how involved you are.
It isn't the prettiest place to live, but its something.
There are some issues, but they don't affect me. If you aren't involved in anything, then you're safe.
Its fast food everywhere. Burger King, McDonalds, Wendy's, Pollo Tropical
Its not the greatest place, but it also isn't the worse. I only moved here this year as a result of my mom wanting to purchase a house instead of renting.
Some people are safe and considerate drivers, while others are not considerate at all. They speed, jump in front of you without so much as a signal.
The people are okay, everyone usually stays to themselves.
We have not gotten horrible weather, aside from severe thunderstorms that have been happening lately, thats about it with natural disasters, and the occasional hurricanes, but we are somewhat safe here from the weather.
I have seen the same people live here, since i moved in, people tend to stay living here as i have noticed. Families do own pets in my neighborhood.
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I do know even know where the nearby fire station is located at.
Transporting your self from point a to point b in my neighborhood is very easy. Their is a train station 5 blocks down from where i live, where you can catch the train, bus and even a train to go to the airport. If you are on car you can take the highway, which is also five blocks down and you'll be in the airport in three minutes or so. The convince of the highway is amazing.
I would not choose to live here, if i could decide.
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