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It's predominately hispanic and a pretty low income area. It has a lot of delicious food. They also have a lot of events throughout the year with charro days being the most popular.
I really love how we have a big population of people of Hispanic culture but I just wish there was a little bit of diversity.
I feel like everybody is just stuck, I love it here but no one wants to succeed. There's not a lot of opportunities here and I'd really like to see a change in that.
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I really like the size of the city. It's not too big, not too small. It's perfect. I really like the culture of the city. It is a nice blend between the Mexican and American cultures. Something that I would change is the green areas that the city has. There are not that many green spaces left. I understand that the city should continue to develop. However, I do not think it should be done at this rate. I truly believe that there should be a balance between the green spaces and the areas that are under development. Otherwise, we will soon be running out of trees. Having green spaces throughout the city is very important. They help to provide oxygen, slow down the wind, absorb the rays of the sun, provide shade, provide people with recreational spaces, give shelter to animals, among many other benefits.
Overall Brownsville Is a beautiful place! I wouldn't really want anything to change !
It has many nice things, including its history!
In the city of Brownsville, there isn't a lot of progressive ideals, and there is little awareness of social issues and events that take place outside the region. In the city itself, there is not much to do and the only forms of entertainment are the the movies and a bowling alley. However, most of the people themselves are nice and the city has the potential to grow in the space industry due to a new SpaceX site that was recently established. The people from Brownsville themselves aren't all originally from Brownsville as many were born in right across the border before legally coming to the US. However, this results in a lot of conservative beliefs that are originally associated with the cultures of Latin-America. This shows in that there is little ethnic or cultural diversity in the region but does not show itself to be as negative a thing as it would in other regions since this also influences them to be more social and even supportive at times.
Brownsville is a great city. I love the proximity to Mexico which offers a very unique culture to its residents. Brownsville is growing and more companies are opening up, but there are still very little job opportunities here.
I lived in Brownsville my whole life and all i can say is that there not much to look at here but it has its perks. Some of the perks is that the beach is really close by.
It’s a great town. The people are average, but easily get along. Although it is small there are many places to explore and have fun in.
Diverse community with interesting culture. The living in this area is relatively cheap. The weather is very hot and humid. Located near South Padre Island, it is only a 30 minute car ride.
Brownsville is a quiet city with a rich history and unique traditions. It's a friendly community that's expanding and improving every day.
Brownsville is not a bad city, but there's not much to do. The people around are not friendly, but mostly rude. The schools should be more aware of their teachers because some are exceptional but a few of them do not care of students education.
Brownsville is the perfect place to live. It is a small town that continues to grow slowly. Therefore, there is no traffic, everything is a short distance away, there is good healthcare and schools, the weather is mostly great and never disastrous, and there's plenty to do in the city. And if you can't find something to do in Brownsville, the beach is only 20 minutes away.
There are a bunch of places to hang out and visit. Such as South Padre Island beach which is only a shirt drive away. There are plenty of restaurants to cater to anyone's taste. Overall, an amazing city.
Brownsville is a very small town on the border with Mexico. Its about a 15 minute drive away from South Padre Island. Other than that there isn't much to do. It seems like we all spend a lot of quality time with our family. Friends become family and gatherings are usually large and frequent. I rate it 4 starts because there is still plenty of room for improvement and growth. But this will always be home. There is a snack stand on every corner and always a taco place near by. The food here is the best! Although, we need more diversity because our food is basically Mexican, barbecue, tacos, and wings. I would like more parks and for the ones we do have to be maintained. It seems like the city builds something but doesn't keep up with maintenance all that well. A big pro is that you can get to any place in almost 10 minutes, commuting is fantastic.
If I can use one word to describe Brownsville it’s that it’s different. While I am born and raised here and definitely remember where I came from, Brownsville is a different kind of city. While yes it’s growing and yes it’s poor, there is some decent things about the city. Some of the best Mexican food is here, the beach, Mexico and more. But more can be done to improve the cities image. Life is slow here, there isn’t much to do and the city is a little bit closed minded. The roads are bad here unless you live on the north side and downtown is depressing but changing for the better. The school district is a mess (corrupt politics) and is loosing kids to private charter schools and suburban Los Fresnos. But if you can get pass the grittyness of it all, the city is a decent place to live and raise a family.
What I like about Brownsville, it has culture in them we have family and friends contact each other it's poorest city in the united states yet, most culture cities,
better Mexican food, we are closer to South Padre Island, cheap housing, easy to find areas without your gps.
what changes should I make, i suggest better school and teachers that most likely main problem kids has been dropping out of school yet people of the school district never do anything about it we been using outdated books like 90s, better roads since there's a lot of pot holes everywhere.
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I like how there is more activities to do compared to where I used to live. I dislike that there is not much of diversity.
Brownsville is a great place to live and grow up. While I wish there was a bit more to do, I am proud to call this place home.
The most think that i like from Brownsville is the people. Most of the people in here are very kind and they help everyone who is need of help. if i had the power to change something and i know some day i will do since im study for a civil engineer, is the Brownsville roads since they are in bad conditions and for a beautiful and peaceful city, is really sad seeing those roads in bad conditions.
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