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Brownsville should be more fun, there aren't many places to go out with family or friends. There should be more places to go out, like museums or cultural events.
brownsville is great place to live in, there is many things to do. One thing that I really like about living here is that we have the island close by.
Brownsville is a small town that has great opportunities. Most of the town is bilingual and this gives people the opportunity to learn both spanish and english. Everything is close, not a lot of time is wasted commuting. The lifestyle is very calm and its a great place to raise children.
I love living in the valley because everyone is very friendly, and there's lots to do. I love all the food they have because its Mexican food and its the best. One thing i would change is having more parks because there isnt that many.
It is a healthy and communion place to live in.It is no harm to anyone and can enhance into creating beautiful friendships.
Brownsville is a great town for those looking for a slow pace place to live. The beach is nearby for some great relax time.
Brownsville is that one city that everyone complains about but few ever leave. It's a small place who's downtown area is filled with small business mostly owned by people like you and me. It has a feel of being home in every step you take and also has some of the most amazing persons there can ever be. It's not very diverse, but our city is slowly growing.
It is a beautiful little town that feels welcoming and warm! The Hispanic culture is strong, but beautiful and very much respected.
I love that my hometown is small and it feels safe. I do think there could be more job opportunities though. There could also be an improvement in the public school system here since there is such focus on passing state exams. It has opened up so many opportunities for those living here to have the University of Texas at Rio Grande Valley in our back yard. Overall Brownsville is really starting to become a more diverse place to live and I look forward to raising a family here some day.
I love how Brownsville is a very safe and peaceful city to live in. The people are always so kind and it is very rich in the Mexican Culture. There are gatherings that constantly happen publicly to still be involved with the nearby Mexican culture.
Brownsville is a small city here in Texas which is greatly unappreciated. I have noticed that this past year a lot of lots and businesses have been created, which is great. It's a great thing because for many years Brownsville has been known for having "nothing fun to do or good places to go" We do however live a few minuted from South Padre Island. For those who have no idea what is it, it is a beautiful beach and it is actually one of the few tourist places to go visit when visiting in Brownsville.
I am currently 15 years old and I have lived in Brownsville, Texas all my life. Living in Brownsville is quite interesting because we only live about 5 minutes from the border to Matamoros, Tamaulipas, Mexico. As for stuff to do for children and teens like me, there really isn't anything. Brownsville is more like a retirement town as people say. It's actually quite boring for the children living in this town, many people just go to Harlingen or McAllen, which is about 30 minutes to an hour away, to do something fun with the family. The weather here is always really hot and humid, especially during the summer. During the winter it usually gets cooler, but it still is pretty hot. If you are someone who wants to move to a town that has cold winters, Brownsville isn't for you. Brownsville is currently growing as a city, but they aren't building anything for the children that like in their town.
I have lived in Brownsville for almost 13 years and I can say is growing. This is a small town with a high Hispanic population but year after year I can see other ethnicities. Local businesses are growing and I find it very important. Eventhough every year the town is improving, I still think we are way behind. Especially comparing it with Mcallen, a city that is only one hour away, a big difference can be spotted. The environment in Brownsville is very friendly, everyone tries to help everyone. People, especially students, are involve in several organizations to give community service. I find it very important that the town has these organizations to help the needy or to help the environment. Overall, I love this city and I like how people shows a union with the neighbor town in Mexico called Matamoros. There is even a holiday to celebrate this union called Charro's Day.
I like how the city is close and connected and would like to see it to flourish into a city with more opportunities than just the basic necessities.
It's a great city to live in with a pot of great people. I would love to see our local government fix up roads and invest more in the future of our city.
Brownsville is a beautiful city to visit when you want to go out. There's many food variations and they taste amazing. The view great! There's many palm trees and the sunsets are awesome.
Brownsvill, the city I was born in ,where most are my memories.Brownsville is a family oriented community ,we are also right in the boarder with Mexico so you get to experience the friendship between two countries.
This city is really calm and small. There isn't really A LOT to do, but there is definitely some. If you're Hispanic, you'll feel at home in this place. The UTRGV there is the most beautiful college campus I've ever seen.
I think Brownsville Texas is a nice city to live in. There are a lot of places to go and have recreation like nice parks, the museum, the zoo and the mall where they have a movie theater. Talking about the health field there are two hospitals that provide great health care plus several clinics that have emergency a rooms to the benefit of the community. The schools here in Brownsville are very good and I can see that because my sister is going to a highschool here and she tells me that is very organized and they give good education. What I see that the government can do is try to fix some streets that are not in optimal conditions for the drivers.
Brownsville is a very nice historic place, but there are several things in the city that needs to be remodeled. Some streets are badly cracked and have pot holes. I would also love to see a decrease in the amount of stray animals in my city of, Brownsville.
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