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Brownsville is a small town with a strong hispanic population. Overall a very nice and cheap town to live in.
I've lived in Brownsville all my 17 years of life. I mostly enjoy the culture and the fact that family is important here. One thing that needs to improve although, are the activities that one can do outside, meaning amusement parks, new stores, etc.
Good place to live. Not much to do but people is nice. No many places to go. School are good the Cooke is more cheap than in other states
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It's a nice hometown with various activities to do. It's very diverse and the crime rate is very low. Also, Mexico is only 20 minutes away, so great tacos are close by!
Brownsville Texas is not the place to go if you are looking for safety or simply a place to find some sort of entertainment. Growing up in Brownsville consisted of seeing poverty all around along with gangs and an abundance of Mexican people blasting Mexican music until three AM when the party is just about ready to wind down. However, there was some certain advantages that came along with being right next to the border. Like I mentioned before, there is an abundance of Mexican people in this city which gives us Mexican culture therefore gifting us with an outstanding variety of Mexican foods and dishes which are also what Brownsville is all about. Although Brownsville is not the ideal place to raise your children, it's schools aren't the worse and the food is great creating a reasonably average city.
Brownsville, Texas is a loving city. The food here is absolutely amazing, the people are so friendly. Every time I attend football games the fans act like on big family. When you visit Brownsville it feels like a home you have always wanted. The heat in Brownsville is no joke! Our winters are not cold at all, the lowest it can get is maybe 60 but we never receive snow down in the valley.
A beautiful city set in a tropical environment, with many palm trees and lakes dotting the city. Seems to be an up and coming city with many new stores/restaurants opening. The beach is only 20 minutes away! Overall an excellent place to live in, very relaxing.
I would like to see more parks and recreational areas. We have great schools and the night life is great.
Lived in Brownsville for over 20 years. Experinence has been positive overall. Different culture experience. Has it's own language...Spanglish
Brownsville is a small community located next to the Mexican border. There is not a lot of diversity. It is a good place to raise a family. There is only one large public school district.
The safety in the town is always good. The people are nice and always willing to help. There are not many touristical places to visit but with time the city will surely make you feel like in home. There's always a smile on its citizens.
I like how Brownsville is really diverse. But overall I don't like the part on how close it is to the boarder. Having many boarder patrols roaming around everywhere, and even last week I experienced immigrants escaping and boarder patrols handling it in front of me on my way to school.
Been living in the area for a while now and there really isn't a lot of opportunity job wise or for anything productive. Which is why I'm forced to do sweepstakes like this to be able to pay for college because I can't afford it and would like to have a good career and a good job out of this city.
Brownsville Tx is a diverse town that is extremely safe. I have lived here all my life and have found it to be very family and culture oriented. The only downside is, there are not much job opportunities for one who has not attended college. I look forward to completing my degree and moving forward with my career in Brownsville, Tx.
People are generally very friendly. The cost of living is relatively low. The schools have pretty good ratings. Very low crime rate.
Mostly hot all the time. Pretty chill not many things to do other than the mall and bowling alley. Not very expensive.
It's a great city for raising a family, but if you want big opportunities by career wise, I do not recommend.
Review Brownsville
If you are looking for a continuously growing city that is safe to move to then this is it. Schools are okay for children and are still improving. The only downside is that it needs more entertainment.
Lived here my whole life. Bad drivers, large portion of rude people. Very political town. Its who you know to help you. Beach beung close by is a plus. By the border of mexico. Crime increasing. Have come in contact with lots of criminals in my line of work. Lots of drug users and theives.
Brownsville seems like a very small city that it too populated for it to handle. There is not much for the residents to do and the streets are not that well kept. Though most people are extremely nice and humble, the city does not do them any justice.
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