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Great experience. It's a small community, great school systems. I wish there was more job options in Brownstown.
I grew up in Brownstown Indiana. When I was little there was only one stop light and the main attraction was a football game on Fridays. Now that I am older there are now two stop lights, but football is still the main highlight. Last names seem to mean everything, but don't let that fool you. Brownstown cares about it's community. There are always some kind of fundraiser or festival to raise money for those in need. Brownstown's history is rich and beautiful. You can see it in the rustic buildings or in the country. It is definitely a sight to see.
I loved that I could walk anywhere that I needed to go. It was a really close nit community. The schools where great. Really nice place to live for a family.
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We encounter severe Winter weather storms and frequent tornadoes.
There is little to nothing available in this category. We have a McDonald's and Dairy Queen and one liquor store.
There are only a select few jobs. Most jobs have to be obtained elsewhere.
Very small community, and the population agrees to keep the community the same- no change. There are about a dozen mom and pop shops, a few gas stations, one grocery store, and two drug stores. I have to travel to nearby communities to get the things my family needs.
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