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I have lived in Brownstown Charter Township for 17 years. I enjoy the quiet neighborhood and the small town feeling. I however wish there were more opportunities to be able to walk to local stores.
I think that the atmosphere is very safe as well as an abundance of things to do around town. The neighborhood is very clean and well maintained. Lastly the people here are very kind and considerate to those around them.
I have lived in Brownstown for 28 years and I love the community. I will probably never leave. My neighborhood is great and it has been a great place to raise a family. I am a single mom and have raised and have been the only financial support for my family. My children have benefited by living in such a nice place.
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Here at Brownstown there are many parks and family friendly places to go. I have experienced only great times and loved growing up there.
This is a great community with parent/student involvement. People work together to make changes needed for students to be successful.
The Charter Township of Brownstown ~ where the future looks brighter. Brownstown is a small township on the outlying suburbs of Detroit. This area has a small town country feel while still building up to accommodate the growing population in the area. There is plenty of shopping nearby with some of the major retailers located close together. The area still has protected wetlands is how it keeps it's country feel while still becoming a growing and active community. It is located between two nearby Metroparks for anyone who likes the outdoors and offers plenty of biking and hiking trails throughout. The city that is growing and still has small town heart.
Crime happens, but it is often few and far between. You can walk around and feel safe.
The area I live is small. It provides everything one would need, but does lack anything special or extra that another town may have.
As much as I love my town I just feel too confined. People are typically born and raised here and tend to stick to the "normal" judgments and never seem to change.
Not much crime in the area, police are always on patrol
The neighborhood is nice, most people are private. Don't like being so close to Telegraph Rd, but does make it easy to get places
I feel as safe as I always am in this community. I would say that this is one of the safest communities in Michigan.
The community as a whole has gotten better the longer I've lived here. There are a lot more restaurants/stores that are opening, the high school is being renovated which I believe, once it's done, will make it one of the best high schools in the state.
Whenever reporting to the police, they don't tend to do anything about our situation but respond quickly to others. I do believe race plays a big part in this city.
There are a lot of teenagers pulling pranks. Some have chopped down our mailbox 3 times, threw eggs on my car, and put stink bombs on my porch. Not a very big fan of living here because of that.
no abandoned residential areas to speak of. Person property well maintained
neighbors are friendly.Family oriented. Neighbors have strong sense of community and helping neighbors in need.i.e. grass cutting or snow shoveling
Review Brownstown Charter Township
The area I live in is decent; however, it is not anything spectacular. There are not a lot of fun activities to engage in and there are not a lot of beautiful parks to visit. The school district is a really good one and there is nothing bad to say about it. I enjoy living here, however, I would not mind moving to a prettier, more fun area.
Only a few vacant properties, pretty okay neighborhood.
Neighbors are okay, and usually friendly. Few issues.
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