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I have lived in Brownsburg, IN for a little over 1 year now. The town of Brownsburg is extremely family friendly. There are pools, trails, activities, and amazing public schools. They have a private school as well incase you are interest.
Brownsburg has a small town feel that is located close to Indianapolis. It has ample places to dine ranging from fast food to more formal dining. There are several parks located here that are great to go hiking.
In 2016, I moved Brownsburg for a brand new start. Growing up I lived on the eastside of town and was not to fond of it. After moving to Brownsburg, and starting a new school I loved it. I have the best neighborhood and community. I got my first job at the local Dairy Queen and loved working there. I'm so lucky to call Brownsburg my home.
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Brownsburg is a safe community with a great school corporation. It is a bit lacking in diversity though.
I love Brownsburg and how everyone keeps the community so clean. Brownsburg is very family oriented and the trails are always busy with people and community members. I am grateful to live in Brownsburg.
Not a ton to do but it is a developing town. Lots of subdivisions and safe place to live. I would recommend living here if you want a peaceful place to just relax and grow old. 30 mins away from downtown so if you feel the need to party, its not far.
There's nothing inherently special about Brownsburg; it's an average town with slightly less average people. For a town right outside of Indianapolis there is far too much traffic at the center of town for no particular reason. The people are also okay at best, besides the people who you are to call your friends. for every nice person you meet, there's at least one other person who you're not gonna get along with.
Overall, Brownsburg is a great community to live in! There are many opportunities that are provided. In my lifetime, I've attended three Brownsburg Publics schools and I have learned so much. I am truly prepared for my college journey!
Brownsburg has a great school corporation and is in a great location from Indianapolis. Making it a great place to raise a family while having plenty of job opportunities and fun activities to do on the weekends.
I moved to Brownsburg this past November. My experience thus far has been great. The town seems organized and clean. The neighborhoods are well cared for. The people living in Brownsburg seem friendly as well, which is a plus considering my family and I are minorities.
It is a average city with big housing complexes, does have mostly rich people. Anytime, I or other people of color who are young ( teens and 20s) that I know, we get stopped by the cops. I have been stopped when I was following all the rules. I got stopped because I didn't turn my right signal fast enough, exactly 200 feet from the corner. They let me go with a warning and followed me out of the town.
Generally overall a safe community with a great education system put in place. Offers many opportunities for youths in extracurricular activities, recreational hobbies, and advance learning.
Small but getting larger. people are generally nice. Jobs are hard to find. people can be stuck up sometimes. it's well constructed
Brownsburg is a friendly town. When we first moved here, people stopped by to meet us, brought goodies and invited us to church. Plus, the school system tries to meet as many needs as possible when it comes to their students.
If someone is looking for a good neighborhood, I would suggest Brownsburg every time.
I moved here right before I started first grade and there was an immediate improvement in the schooling from my kindergarten years. Teachers always seemed more invested in the student's lives rather than just looking at them as a co worker. The only downside about Brownsburg is that there's not a whole lot to do for teenagers. You have the bowling alley, movie theater and Lucas Oil Raceway, but if your not into bowling, movies, or cars there's not a whole lot for you to do as a teen.
I grew up in Brownsburg. I went to its schools. Overall, the schools were excellent with great staff and facilities. There are many little, local shops and food places you won't find anywhere else. There are plenty of parks and outdoor areas for both kids and adults to enjoy. It is very convenient living with all necessities close at hand including everything from and emergency hospital to grocery stores. It is a good area to grow up in.
I like the close-knit of the community, and somehow everyone knows each other in some form of way. However, I'd like to see a change of diversity in the town but since construction started in the "downtown" area a lot of younger people have started to surround the area, which I enjoy to see.
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I’ve lived here pretty much my entire life and it is such a home to me. Everything I love is here and no matter where I go, I always enjoy coming home.
Brownsburg is a very safe and inviting community. There is always so much to do and so many new people to connect with.
It’s been a quiet town for the most part. I like that the city is trying to fix it and compete with other good towns. School is great and it’s diverse. I’ve been here almost 15 years and overall it’s been good. We had a couple of car break ins. I believe that happens every where we do we more cops driving around so people will think twice before they act.
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