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Brownsburg is a thriving town, filled with small businesses and opportunity. The area still has a small town feel, but has the conveniences of urban life. In addition, the school system is fantastic.
Great education system, and a very welcoming community. The only problem I find with living here is that there isn't much to do. As a teenager, I frequently drive to other towns to have fun because there isn't much in brownsburg other than restaurants and the parks.
Great community area just outside the city limits. Brownsburg has everything you need ranging from restaurants to necessity shopping. State parks and golfing is within a five minute drive adding a positive benefit to those who enjoy their physical fitness time.
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I really enjoy how family friendly the Brownsburg area is. The little league baseball league created a lot of great memories for me. People love their baseball and it creates a great, close knit community.
I would like to see a Target in Brownsburg.

Brownsburg still has a small town feel with 4 star schools. Brownsburg is close to Indianapolis and Interstate 74 is easily accessible.
I like that although, in numbers, it is a big town, Brownsburg holds a small town feel that really makes it feel like home. I have lived here for about 20 years now, and many of my friends and family reside here as well. The schools are very good, as I went through the elementary, middle and high schools.

As much as I do like Brownsburg, it has changed quite a bit over the past few years. It has grown and is becoming modern as neighboring towns are, and at times loses what makes it so special. Overall, it is a good town that I would feel comfortable raising a family in.
This is a wonderful area, it's very peaceful and clean. The school programs are wonderful for children. This area would be great to raise your children in.
Brownsburg is a very friendly and diverse community. I feel like this community is very welcoming and safe to attend.
Lived here my whole life. Enjoyed the town, wish there was more places for teenagers in the area. Most of my time was spent at the parks, but this can get boring. Once we had a car traveling up to Castleton and Fishers happened a lot. Still love Brownsburg though, it's a safe community with good schools and close to downtown.
I've lived here for 12 years and as Brownsburg keeps growing, so does the community as a whole. I've loved living here!
Good schools. Small town feel but close to Indianapolis if you work downtown. Will be growing with more restsraunts and shopping soon. Parks are very nice and they have recently updated the trails for biking and running
The public schools are some of the best in the state. The high school will receive remodeling in the coming years. Traffic isn't always that great, but you can usually get across town within 15 minutes. It's a safe and family friendly with a great parks.
Brownsburg is a very family friendly place to live. I have always felt safe being here. Also, it is just the right size for my personal preference.
As a life-long resident of Brownsburg, and municipal employee of the Town of Brownsburg, I love the community! With close proximity to Downtown Indianapolis, shopping, and entertainment opportunities, Brownsburg is a perfect place to raise a family or start your career. CNN Money Magazine ranked Brownsburg as the #1 place to live in Indiana and #33 in the nation!
Brownsburg is very cliquish and since most of the people who live here grew up here, it's not the easiest place to live if you don't have deep roots. I also found the people here to be very arrogant and condescending. They're incredibly proud of their schools but frankly I was disappointed. They value conformity above all else. Fit in or else. Consider Plainfield if you have to live on the west side of Indianapolis. Better yet, consider another metro if you can.
Lots of new buildings being constructed. Still a homey place to live.
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The town is not perfect. There has been some crime and some vandalism but mostly well kept.
Brownsburg is a nice town. Great schools, and nice people. It feels like a small town but plenty to do and people are always around and active taking advantage of the activities around. I don't regret moving here and would consider staying.
I haven't had a problem with safety while living here.
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