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If you experience a burglary, you have to find your stuff on your own, because the police are so overwhelmed with many other crimes of theft and break ins (and a few drug related murders). So, you'll need a security system with cameras if you want the cops to actually help you in any property related crimes.

If you rent, research the landlord! The last landlord I had, she accused us for the burglary, made zero repairs unless it was an emergency (sparking meter box), and did not honor the lease.

If you have children going to schools, do not have them go to middle or high school here. Unless you enjoy constant lock downs, principals that turn a blind eye to bullying, subpar education curriculum, or drugs around your child. The only high ranking school is the early education building for children 3-5 years old.
I have lived in Browns mills for about 10 years growing up. I went to pemberton high school and it was extremely unprofessional, "gang" associated, and the teachers were horrible. The crime rate is ridiculously high here, due to drugs and high gun usage and very stupid crimes! The people are so rude out here and no one believes in personal space. The apartments and housing is terribly expensive And I'm talking about 1,075 for a 1 bed 1 bath! The choice of food is also AWFUL. There is nothing but fast food in this town. If you don't mind pizza or Chinese food everyday, then I suggest you spend $100 on 4-5 things in acme! Everything is expensive here. And Also the pollen is SO high. Allergy season is extremely expensive too. From spending a 15 pack bottle of Claritin for $35.. but I will say it's very green out here..
This isn't a horrible place to live. If you're a starter family, I'm doubtful you will find anywhere else more affordable to own a home than here. There are a lot of run down and foreclosed properties on the market around here. neighbors are hit or miss- some are friendly and quiet, others are loud and possibly taking part in illegal activities. The preschool here is the bast in the state and my 4-year old loves it. There are not a lot of businesses in there area, which means if you will most likely need to drive to neighboring towns for work, shopping, etc. The neighborhood is however quite convenient for anyone working on the military base.
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There isn't any more than average violent crime in Browns Mills. I think every town has their druggies that will do anything for money and homeless that are rude and obnoxious. Those are the issues that stand out the most in this town. Lock up what you own, don't leave it laying in the yard and take precautions.
All towns have their good and bad points and Browns Mills is no different. We have our good areas and bad areas. I'm not scared to walk down my street alone at night nor do I lock my car most days. It's about 20 minutes in any direction to the next decent size town so there's not really much employment opportunity close if you're not military or civic service.
Fairly safe and has been for the 18 years I've lived.
I love my town but I wish it would develop more.
I feel fairly safe in my area, but there has been some vandalism and brake ins. I don't think the crime rate is high and you do notice the police.
The area i live in is not that bad. I live down a dead end street with only a few houses on my road. The roads need to be fixed, there are a lot of potholes and overgrowth on a lot of the back roads.
i suppose anywhere could be worse, but i see increased gang activity in schools.
School district is not good. Many vacant homes decreased home values.

Crime on the rise. Gangs infiltrated schools. Businesses don't last. Have to travel 30+ minutes for any dining or shopping options.
There is nothing here and what is here you are scared to go near because of the fear of being "jumped"
Most of the business are run down or being closed because there isn't much for business. Those that do stay open are decent or are drug related business.
The crime rate in my town is pretty bad. There are gangs all over the place, shootings are happening all the time, not a day goes by that you don't hear about either someone dying from a "gang" related event or a home break-in/vandalism.
There really isn't much to choose from unless you want to pay insane amounts of money for a small home. Most of the properties are kept up but old and starting to fall apart.
There isn't much of a selection. Most places its pizza, pizza, pizza and more pizza. There are a couple good Chinese restaurants though.
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