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Browning, MT is the Blackfeet reservation and there isn't any jobs . The schools need more support for dealing with the students that have emotional, academic problems, and drug and alcohol awareness programs.
The small town experience is great but the town is on a reservation which is having troubles and the town is reflected by that the cleanliness should be kept up to par
I recommend others to come sightseeing on this side of MT. We have Glacier National Park, many camping spots, a lot of hiking trails, and very friendly people whom reside in this town.
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In moving from Great Falls to here there is such a dramatic culture shock, from doing business, schooling and usual daily living. The thing that I like most is that everyone is family.
I grew up in Babb MT which is 40 miles north of Browning but have attend school in Browning since the seventh grade and graduated out of the Browning High School. I would like to change a lot of things in Browning and if I was to start I would try to make more opportunities for the youth. There is really nothing for the youth to do unless you are involved in school sports or live on a ranch. I appreciate the small town and living and would like to someday make some positive changes to the community.
I love being able to see the Rocky Mountains everyday and having access to the beautiful Glacier National Park.
For changes of Browning, I would like more law enforcement for loitering. The people living on the streets give Browning a bad name. I would also like for the Town of Browning government to enforce stricter laws about keeping living area's, yards, and streets clean year around.
I love that it's close to Glacier National Park and the Rocky Mountains. My friends and family are what I like most about being here. I'd like to see more things for people to do; restaurants, theater, entertainment, etc.
Browning,MT is so beautiful! Its the perfect place too live. I have lived here for 10 years now, my father is from here and my mother is from Fort Belknap, MT, so i have always lived on reservations and i gotta say browning is not the ideal place to live for most people but me, i love living here. It has so much scenery that literally takes your breath away. The people here know everyone and are very friendly to one another and there's always a wave while ur driving down the road. Although the one thing that i would love to change is the drug abuse people suffer with in this town. If i could have anything to do with it, i would get rid of all the drug dealers! Drugs are a big and awful part of this town. That does not change how many good people live here though, I think the good people out weigh the bad any day but i would still love to do something about the drug abuse. Other than that it is a beautiful place to live.
I was born and raised in the the town of Browning, MT for a total of 22 years. I enjoys the closeness, helpfulness and love from the community. Family plays an important role in this community and encourages children to live and branch off to bigger better things in life. The only thing that I would love to see change is the action of drugs/alcohol to be taken into full control and demolished from this reservation. I pray that one day the Rez will be a "dry Rez" meaning free from alcohol. Browning Montana is a beautiful place that has some flaws to work on but I know and have Faith these flaws will be met to better expectation.
Browning always has fresh, clean air and a beautiful view of the Rocky Mountains just west of town. It is located on the Blackfeet reservation, on land the Blackfeet people owned for eons. Glacier Park is very near. In the summer there is an annual pow wow called "North American Indian Days", free to attend. There are parks and a public pool. When you go to a local business you are very likely to see someone you know and have a visit with them if you have spent much time here at all. On the downside, it is pretty windy and winters can be quite cold. There are lots of dogs, mostly unsecured, so you would be wise to walk with protection of some sort. There is a fair amount of addiction to alcohol, meth or pills so it is advisable to keep your vehicle locked. Many people have a poverty mindset and so are continually in need, but overall the education level is increasing and there is a movement to create more home ownership and financial security. Housing is very limited.
The Blackfeet Community is very strong in its traditional ways. It is not this scary native town, where you should be scared to visit. It is a wonderful community and if you take the time to meet with a few people, you to will see the wonders of Native American culture but you will feel The love. One improvement the town needs is definitely a proper Trash dump and recycling area.
There needs to be more help for the youth and elderly people in the community. There needs to be some kind of after school lets out as we no longer have a Boys and Girls Club anymore. We have a high suicide rate in Browning. There is a lot of alcohol and drug abuse in the youth all over the reservation. We need a good and safe place for them to be able to meet and socialize, that would be alcohol and drug free. That is and would be a benefit for our future adults in Browning.
Browning has a wonderful school system. The teachers and personnel take an interest in their students and help the students with the goal of graduating. Unfortunately Browning has a very high unemployment rate and is one of the poorest reservations in the state. I want to obtain an Accounting Degree with the goal of helping to solve the unemployment problem on the reservation. I would do this by attracting companies to come here and build their products, applying for grant monies to create jobs, and to hold workshops to help the people in the hiring process.
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