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Housing has never been a problem! Cost is not expensive. The houses are rented pretty quick.
Everyone is friendly in the community. Pets are allowed in this community and they are all very friendly. When there are get together's everyone is nice.
Cross Plains normally does not have any crime. The one thing that I would prefer is to have police forces in Cross Plains. With how small the place is they do not have their own police force. So if someone needs help they have to come from Versailles or anywhere close. But still, police react fast when they are needed.
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Cross Plains is beautiful. It is a small town so everyone knows each other. Which means that everyone is there for each other if someone needs help. The view of Cross Plains is also beautiful as you can see farm land all around.
No crimes at all. Nice, safe area.
I am glad to call this area home because of the beauty
I love living in my community! When I get married I don't want to live anywhere else. It is the perfect mix of country and city but not to city like. I see Versailles becoming more city like but it will never loose its farming roots.
Very rural, not much to do for the teens, school system are terrible, and I wish that the area would improve jobs, and medical care.
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