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Where I live is a very rural area and that is what makes it so great. While there are not a ton of people they all feel like family. There is that classic small town feel that you always see in the movies and question if there is really anywhere like that. No, it is not a perfect area but it is home to many good, hard working people. This area, this community has shaped me to the man I am today and I am proud to call it home.
The only vehicle transportation here is school buses. which are very safe. Everything else listed are available and are safe.
The people can be very friendly depending on the crowd. They are generous and helpful. Most of the people will know who you are or who your family is. There is a lot of interaction in this area.
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The housing appearance depends on the owner. The quality is good. Paulding county is mostly country, so you are not that close to neighbors but in the towns, you are closer but you are at a comfortable close with your neighbors.
The crime isn't really high in this area. There is more drug abuse than violence. The police officers are always on calls and patrolling. The safety is really good.
The food and drink in Paulding mostly consist of fast food, family owned restaurants, or through gas stations/ truck stops.
The employment in this area is okay. You can find places for jobs but most of the time get minimum wage. Unless you work in a higher field of work. County pay is below average.
It is a very convenient store and gas station. The workers are friendly and is located in a small area of Paulding called Charloe. The service is great. There was a couple robberies years ago and weren't consistent. It's not the best of appearance but it fits in with the little small community. It's a homely place located at an old Indian preserve and is a family owned business.
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