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Very low crime and very low areas of concern regarding criminal activity
I have lived in this area 13 years. The area is just now starting to boom and I feel that it will be different in 5 years.
The community has a very low crime rate, and the police do an excellent job keeping the community safe.
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The town is a good-sized suburb, large enough to have many facilities for entertainment and for food, but small enough to have a small-town feel. It is a very safe community with great schools, perfect to raise a family in.
The crime and safety in the area is low key and include of sense of safety.
It is awesome if I can get this scholarship.
We love living in the Brownsburg area
Great area with no criminal issues. Sometimes there might be a few crimes but the police resolve it quickly.
Plenty of parks that are pet, children, and elderly friendly.
Fairly good, plenty of services around the whole town
Not to much to worry about, but there are definitely plenty of warnings.
Could have some more extravagant places for special occasions along with more variety.
Great for teenagers and people looking for small temporary jobs to make money.
Pretty good, could include more shopping, restaurants, and entertainment.
definitely could be better but I definitely cannot complain
I love working at Scotty's Brewhouse
I love this town but it is boring
Review Brown Township
employment is okay. most people that live in this area are health care practitioners so they don't work in this area they have to travel 5 - 10 miles to get to there pace of work. but employment opportunities are looking up.
public services is great, text alerts are sent whenever there is a need to be alert, and fire truck are sent in 5 - 10 minute in case of suspected fire. the local representatives are doing a good job.
everything organised. housing is great with good amount of space for birthday parties. there are few houses due to people who had to move because of their jobs but they are always filled up in 1 - 2 months. housing is cheap maybe one of the reason people are moving into this area.
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