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There are two or three factories nearby, so the air isn't all that great, but the neighbors are nice, and the neighborhood itself is peaceful, apart from the occasional loud pickup or truck getting stuck in our yard.
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There is hardly any crime here, and the police are about ten minutes away if they were needed. I'm concerned that one day it'll be bad, though. We've been lucky, but what if the police were needed immediately? It'd take them a while to get here.
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There aren't any big chain stores. The closes thing we have to a "popular" store is a Family Dollar that was just built within the last five years. There are two gas stations, two salons, a hardware store, two banks, a locally-owned grocery store, and a Dairy Queen drive through (no restaurant attached). It's extremely small. There is no variety.
It's a very small town, so what little businesses there are usually have many employees, and there's no need for any more. Jobs aren't exactly easy to find, but they're not impossible, either. There are no "top employers". I know that the local Dairy Queen that closes for the winter hires a lot of high school girls, and the pizza shops have a lot of the high school boys, but when it comes to adults trying to find a professional career, it's not likely that they're going to find what they're looking for in Malvern, Ohio.
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