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Brown Deer is a great neighborhood. There are many great people who will help you out when you need it and the community is great.
Brown Deer is a wonderful and safe place to raise a family. The school system is a great institute and most students walk back and forth to school. There are many factory jobs, as well as independent ma & pa stores to work at. It is a small area, but everyone is very friendly, and welcoming, and everyone watches out for each other. Brown Deer is a suburb of Milwaukee so it is a short trip to downtown where there are many clubs, and pubs to party at.
I love that Brown Deer is only 15 mins away from the city. I also like the suburban feel. Everyone is nice and Brown Deer police is very involved with the community.
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The Brown Deer area is very soothing and quiet. It has great schools and the neighborhood is a very safe environment to raise your children in.
I've grown up in Brown Deer, and honestly it's been pleasant. There are a lot of places close by to where I lived, as well as many parks which is a huge plus in my opinion. The schools were not as good as a few neighboring towns, but I hear they are improving.
The crime and safety in my area is very low on crime and great in safety. We don't usually have crime at all other than alittle vandalism on the park building which is a disgrace. Around my neighborhood and community we as neighbors and caring citizens really like to keep the peace and keep the neighborhood as clean as possible. We also all look out for each other in any type of need. It's a great community.
I believe that the Brown Deer Police Department is very responsive when they are needed, and have rarely encountered crime while living here.
I love that Brown Deer has a wide range of different types of people. It is a family-friendly environment that is great for raising kids and keeping pets.
In my area it is not bad. But it is the crime and safety around me. In the same town but all around me.
This area is cheap to live in. As a college student I can't afford much so this is why I love in this area. Where I live it is pretty safe and quiet but around me there is constantly different stuff going on from crime to drugs and much more.
The environment is nice and I like the diversity in this area. If I could do it all over again, I probably would because it is one of the nicer neighborhoods in Milwaukee.
The crime isn't terrible, but there has been a steady rise of crime. More speeding, people injured and wounded from guns, and robberies.
Many businesses are closing

New businesses only last about 1 year or less

Crime rates continue to rise
This place is pretty good but the schools and some people around the area aren't the best.
The area is suburban & quiet but not much to do.
The neighborhood is quiet and peaceful with kids playing around the streets minding their own business. Nice neighbors walking their dogs and keep their problems to themselves. It is very quiet and very clean . You can walk to the village to get ice cream, exercise, have a hair etc. I would live here again so I can have peace from the working environment and will give it a 4 out of 5. I do not see a changes in this neighborhood because it will stay the same. This neighborhood is a good place to stay.
The local business in my area are okay. I believe it can be so much better. I think we have the worst choice in restaurants.
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The people I know are locally employed
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