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Broomfield is a northwest suburb of Denver Colorado. Most of Broomfield is a newer area, it is very clean and put together. Very safe and quite neighborhoods. Broomfield has some of best schools around the Denver area. Even on the weekends getting around is easy and simple due to the calm pace and little population. I can get in and out of the grocery store without any hassle. The people are warm and welcoming. I would definitely recommend the Broomfield area for anyone looking to be close to downtown Denver. The community is only a 30 minute drive and with the new light rail system it is even closer.
Broomfield is a very nostalgic community, where you can do anything from go to the mall and then run to the foothills. Everything is so close but yet so far away and different. My favorite part about the area is the bike trails, they stretch from the mountains to the mall and you get a beautiful view of the entire downtown Denver area. All I can say is that it is amazing.
Seated in the middle of Denver and Boulder, Broomfield has the best of both, and a direct commute to both. Broomfield offers a quiet place to relax and take it easy. Although there aren't many places to go bar-hopping, Broomfield makes up for it with charm. Smaller owner-operated breweries and bars have selections that rival big chains. Broomfield is included in the Boulder Valley School District, which is one of the best in Colorado for K-12 education. This fact attracts many parents to buy homes in Broomfield. The area is very family friendly. Being close to the mountains, miles of trails through open space are available and well-maintained. The price of living has been steadily going up making it more difficult for young people just starting out to find footing, however, new constructions are adding more housing at a more affordable.
I moved to Broomfield from a small town in Illinois and I moved to Broomfield when I was 15 and getting ready to go into high school. I loved moving to Broomfield because it felt like a safer city, there were more places to hang out with your friends, more parks, and more places to shop. Everywhere someone could want to go are less than 15 minutes away. The biggest mall in the area is about 30 minutes away. We are 15 minutes from the movie theaters and my personal favorite, a bookstore. This was the best experience of my life coming to Broomfield and I wouldn't change it for the world. I think the high school I went, Broomfield High School, was better than the school I would have gone to if I hadn't moved. Sometimes change is a good thing and Broomfield was the best change for me.
Broomfield is for children, old people and the rich. There are plenty of activities the city provides for small children and old people. Everything else you need money to do. Great place to raise a family. But there isn't a community with your neighbors, this is not a town that knows everyone. And unless you come in already knowing someone, you're going to have a hard time finding people. Because your neighbors just don't care. There is no downtown, new people always try and pass a bill to build a downtown area. It never gets passed because people who have been here long enough know that it's really pointless. We have plenty of places to eat and have fun, they just aren't in one area of town. People have been pushing for a downtown area for at least 20 years now. It's never going to happen. You'll understand once you've lived there long enough. All in all, it's not a bad place, it's not a great place, but it's decent enough.
I really enjoy living in Broomfield. It is a good family area. I would like to see more options for local restaurants. There is a lot of franchises and big name restaurants but I enjoy eating local.
Broomfield is my hometown-- and because it's my hometown, it holds a special place in my heart. Broomfield is in Colorado and is notorious for having over 300 days of sunshine a year. It's the kind of town for families.
Broomfield is a beautiful tightly-knit city, just a short drive from both Denver and Boulder. It includes many locally owned shops and is bustling with friendly people. Broomfield is the best of both worlds with its urban shopping centers and wide-open grassy areas, with breath-taking Rocky Mountain views around every corner.
Broomfield is a great little town, but I wish it put more focus into green initiatives. There isn't a big focus on recycling and composting. There also isn't a lot of public transportation to be found. For places to hang out there isn't one central hub, you have to travel a good 15-30 minutes by car to get anywhere.
As someone who has lived here for 20 years, it is a decent, but nothing special place. It's basically sprawl and a bedroom community of Boulder and Denver. No downtown which is a huge drawback. The rec center programs are good, boring restaurants, and nice connectivity for walking trails.
Broomfield is a quiet town with kind and friendly faces. The town always had a small-town feeling to it with minimal shops and extra activities to do. It always gave this small town a nice homey atmosphere where everyone sort of knew everyone. Within the last year, Broomfield has began to expand its growth. The borders are being stretched with new shopping centers, hotels, homes, and roadways. The residents of Broomfield are happy to see the expansion and all the new faces.
Living in Broomfield is like living in the perfect middle. In Colorado there's two places to be; the mountains and Denver. Broomfield is right in the middle and comfortably suburban.
A nice little town that is rapidly growing. I have been a resident for over 2 years now and have had no issues with crime, and live right across the street from an elementary school for the deaf and hard of hearing. There are lots of parks and activities to do around town, and shops everywhere.
Broomfield is a quiet town that doesn't cause any trouble to the surrounding cities. But with the town growing it hasn't been the same as it was when I was a kid.
We actually had a criminal enter or neighborhood for the first time since we have lived here recently. People outside and inside our neighborhood called the cops. The police responded quickly and effeciently. We also had several off duty cops living in our neighborhood. This area is very safe.
The enviroment is gorgeous. The house is located in the beautiful state of Colorado. Residents of this area experience little natual disasters and bug problems. The people are very friendly and kind in this area. The community likes to encourage each other. The people are dedicated to safety, education, and saving the enviroment.
I feel safer here than in a bigger city, I like it
It's a little boring but safe.
Not bad where I live
My heart will always be in this home
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