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I live about 10 minutes from Broomfield where my son, daughter-in-law and two grandchildren have lived for five years. The town has many community events through the year and the mayor works closely with the children's library. The town has a wide range of ages living here but is especially perfect for young families with children. Their recreation center is lovely and has activities for people of all ages. At holidays, the entire community seems to get involved in decorating their homes and yards. Even the local restaurants have a sense of community, attracting a wide range of ages, gender, and skin color. This town is about halfway between Denver and Boulder making it a perfect location to live.
Broomfield is a wonderful family area within commuting distance to hot spots like Boulder and Denver. There's an intricate bus system that can take you to the airport, the mountains, and these cities as well as other popular destinations. A gorgeous view of the mountains can be seen from about anywhere in the city.
Broomfield is an amazing place to live. It is clean and has a great sense of community! You are close to the mountains as well as 30 minutes from Denver!
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When I lived in Broomfield, I lived closer to the foothills where the big wind farm is. I loved living in Broomfield because everything is very accessible. The mall, restaurants, bars, grocery stores, and the highway. It is a bit pricy, but everywhere in Colorado is right now. It seems very clean and always changing. Not a bad place to live at all.
Broomfield is a wonderful place near Denver, CO. Many shopping and restaurant choices. The housing prices are on the high side, but with that you get a great community with great schools and many parks to choose from.
It's an old community that meets the demands of the modern lifestyle. There isn't much for a singles night life, but plenty of things to do for a family.
Broomfield is an amazing and welcoming community. Locals are always highly involved in both politics and social aspects of the community. The people who work for the city and county of Broomfield are very knowledgeable and helpful. The police officers of Broomfield do an amazing job of protecting its residents and responding to all types of calls.
Friendly town with great citizens, great food, and breweries. Safe all-around and friendly places to go with your kids. There are many places to hang out with your kids such as the rec centers and the aquatic bay. A water park for kiddos under 12.
Broomfield feels like a very safe place, it's almost equidistant from Boulder and Denver, but without the terribly expensive housing costs of either, and the parks and trails nearby are quite nice. The mountain views are lovely, and the highways are close so you can get around without much trouble. The people are friendly, dog lovers so we felt welcomed here. The wind was more troublesome than we expected early in the year, before spring, but this summer has been lovely and the ability to almost never run the air conditioning because we can use the fresh, dry air has been very helpful with energy costs. On that note, if you are able to put the ~$10 a month towards a cause you believe in, it's possible to buy all of your energy from Xcel as wind energy (Wind Source program. You can buy individual units of 100kWh blocks of wind energy, or elect to receive only wind energy.
Beautiful, growing city that is perfect for every walk of life. Convenient location as it's nested right between Denver and Boulder with access to two major highways.
Broomfield is the cutest little town. The schools here are fantastic, and it is a super safe place. It is perfect for raising a family. The houses in Broomfield tend to have great backyards and good parking spaces. The people here are also some of the nicest people ever. They will smile at you when you're on a walk, and let you switch lanes when you are driving. The town is very green and beautiful. The library is very easy to access and has a great and wide selection of books, movies, music, and more. The recreational centers in Broomfield also make the town a great place for families. It's a great distance from the Flatirons shopping mall, and also not to far from either Denver or Boulder.
Amazing place to live. Close to the mountains with everything else you could hope for. Excellent schools, roads, parks, and public facilities. The trails are endless and the people are sweet.
I like that Broomfield is very close to other cities like Golden, Boulder, Westminster, Lafayette, Denver, and so on. I also like the proximity to the mountains. Broomfield feels safer than some areas and feels very family friendly.
Broomfield is a very safe community. I feel a sense of peace here. The people I have met here are all very kind and helpful to one another.
I have lived here for 10 years and love it! The school are amazing and so is the local shopping! I have grown up here and am also raising my family here. One of our favorite places to go is The Bay swimming pool and local library!
I am a student at CU and I love living in Broomfield, it is basically a more quite spread out Boulder. Things are close by and having a Walmart is nice.
It is a nice suburb with everything you need located between two great cities (Boulder and Denver). It does not have it's own "downtown" or "main street" but which can be nice to have near by.
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Broom field is a welcoming family neighborhood where everyone seems to know everyone. This is because of Broom field High School. Most residents graduated in the 70's, 80's and 90's and decided to set up camp with a family in their hometown. It's close to everywhere. It is only a 30 minute drive to Denver, a 45 minute to Boulder and about and hour and a half to our beautiful Rocky Mountains. It's the perfect place to live if you want to raise a family.
I have lived in Broomfield, Colorado for eighteen years. This town is booming with culture, diversity, great school programs and excelling parks and recreation. I would like to see the town open more eras for open space! Aside from that I highly enjoy Broomfield Colorado.
I love how clean the city is and how friendly the people are. There are lots of fun trails to walk/bike on, playgrounds and other open space to just view the mountains.
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