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I thought moving here a couple years ago was going to be a huge challenge for me. My teachers, friends and neighbors made this so easy and comfortable. I love my neighborhood because its a perfect balance of safe yet fun! My school offers great education with good teachers and lifelong friends. I really enjoyed growing up here and I can't wait to start my family here.
I loved how small it was and how nice it was here. The high school was great and I was given great opportunities.
Broomall PA is a small town in the Philadelphia suburbs. It's very quiet, Clean, and friendly place to raise a family. I've lived here for about 20 years and I couldn't be happier.
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Very community based town with plenty of things to see and do. On the outskirts of a major metropolitan (Philadelphia) but with the small city feel.
A rather quiet suburb that doesn't have much going on. You would probably end up going to nearby towns to do things such as Edgemont, Newtown Square, Springfield, or the Main Line.
Broomall is a small town that is very family friendly. It is part of the 'burbs and a very safe place for young couples who want to start a family. I like that we are close to Springfield, Upper Darby, West Chester, and Philadelphia. Everything is just a hop and a skip away. The only thing I don't like is that all these hotels and shopping centers keep popping up and they are destroying our green space. We need to preserve the beautiful environment that we are surrounded by.
I first lived in Broomall when I was in elementary school. I always loved how quiet the area was and how friendly the people tend to be. A year and a half ago, I bought my first home in Broomall and I could not be happier. I can't wait to raise a family in Broomall one day!
Broomall Pennsylvania is a family oriented area with many beautiful parks and close by shopping areas. The neighborhoods in Delaware county are beautifully landscaped and pride in ownership is seen throughout the neighborhood. There are many activities for kids up to adults and senior citizens to be involved. Even though Broomall is considered to be a small town it is easily accessible to many areas due to its central location. Broomall located within 30 min. to Philadelphia , Delaware, West Chester , and King of Prussia PA. make it a desirable location for a easy commute to work and night life activities as well as short trips to the Jersey shores. In addition Broomall has lower real estate taxes than surrounding counties as well as low-crime rate. Broomall has a Five star rating for wonderful places to live.
It's peaceful and the people are friendly. I also like that it is close to everything I usually just walk to the gym and staff.
There's minimal crime what-so-ever in this town. The worsts that has happened was a break-in several years ago but nothing has happened since then.
I live in a very safe environment with close to no crime at all. It is a very family-friendly neighborhood with a great school district. It's daily that you'll see children out riding their bikes or moms walking their dogs. Choosing to live here was a great decision since I received a great public school education and had plenty of things to do around the neighborhood, like going out to new restaurants. This area is extremely safe compared to other towns in the county i.e, Ridley or Upper Darby. I think this town will continue to grow and expand its businesses and continue to be very family-oriented.
The police are rarely around and are slow.
The area isn't very nice, and it's rarely quiet.
Not bad. Just be aware.
Lots of people build additions and take care of their homes
People move here and stay
This is a nice and safe area and I enjoy living here. Although there is not much to do, the peace in the neighborhood is so calming.
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in my neighborhood there are a lot of old white people. everyone is friendly but keeps to themselves.
Housing is built in ranch form. always new addition being put on houses in this area.
Broomall is very safe and quiet. Police are everywhere.
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