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  1. Suburb of Dayton, OH
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8 reviews
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Houses are usually in good order. There is a "slum" area but it's really not too bad either.
Overall friendly people, and there isn't a whole lot of crime at all. They also have really good schools.
The only actual crimes I've heard of are some minor robberies and a few stupid high schoolers dealing drugs. Besides, Cops seem to be everywhere, and they always know when you're speeding.
I've moved around a whole lot. But even with so many places to compare it to, Brookville is my all-time favorite. It's pretty safe, quiet, and has pretty good schools. And the people here are much nicer than ones I've met elsewhere. If I stayed in the States, I can honestly say I may move back here after college. The weather is typical Ohio weather, it changes everyday, sometimes hourly.
Police and safety personnel are very present. There has been some increase in drug activity, however, our police department does a good job of keeping crime low.
This is a small community so there is a lot of community support. Very good school system. Could use a little more diversity in the area. Could use a little wider college readiness and ACT preparation for their students. The area is not as acceptable as it should be, in my opinion, to new, out of town residence because of the numerous multiple generations. Overall, it is a safe, area to live in and yes I would consider living here again.
This area is nice and quiet. There are some disturbances with theft, robberies, drugs (overdoses included) and the rare shootings. But the school is great and there are several nice parks. Plenty of restaurants.
There are a lot of job opportunities in this area.
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