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Brooksville is a small town with not much to do or see. The people are usually nice. It has little stores and some good restaurants and cafes.
Very quiet area, country type living, friendly area where you'll be welcomed anywhere you go. It is definitely different from someone who grew up in the city or a typical neighborhood however.
The people are friendly and helpful; the small town is always doing something on the weekends - Blueberry Festival, exercise programs, health programs, etc., the weather is always good here.
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Brooksville is a sleepy, suburban area close to many major cities. It maintains a small-town feel while offering an increasing array of amenities including shipping, restaurants and great schools.
Brooksville Florida is a rural town in central Florida. You will not find any nightlife in the party sense. I especially appreciate the quiet and outdoors activities that include: Camping, fishing, horseback riding, four-wheeling and their wilderness parks are generally well maintained. I would love to see more trails implemented within Silver Lake, but overall this town is quiet and is good for people who enjoy the outdoors.
Not much to do here. You can go to Croom Forrest and walk or take the bike trails. There is an old historical museum and the town is cool to see the hanging tree in front of the court house.
This would be a good place to live if you are creative about your income because the jobs in this area are horrible and you will have to drive to the nearest cities for jobs which is at least an hour commute. This is mainly a retirement area or farmer and country living area. If you are lucky enough to find a nice house that you can afford here and you don't mind the distance to the cities then by all means move here because it is awesome. Stay away from the hill and dale area and towards Ridge Manor unless you get yourself a lot of land because the crime is bad in that area for property crimes. Very small town feeling and very good if you like privacy and good weather. The sunshine is nice and so are the occasional heavy rain storms. There is a lot of wildlife and insects out here so pests might be an issue. This is a great spot to raise a family if you can get a nice house. I love Brooksville it's just too hard to make a living there when you live that far from good jobs.
Brooksville, Fl is a small town with a lot of history. Although there are not a lot of things to do in this small town, it is located between to larger cities that are full of activities, Tampa and Orlando. Much closer than that you can find Wiki Wachee, a near by town offering beach access, opportunities to go kayaking or canoeing and nice nature trails .
Its so great to be in a community that is nice and quite. Its nice to be away from the hustle and bustle of a city.
There are some good and bad areas in the area
I feel safe in my apartment.
Police here just judge people on their color, and respond to our calls during their connivence.
the area I live in is pretty bad, a lot of violence but my friends and family make this area great.
like I said a lot of mom and pop shops and its not too far to the chains. the people/workers are generally nice unlike in higher populated cities
jobs are scarce and certainly no large companies. This is a small town which is what I want to raise besides I want to open my own small business.
The weather is Bipolar then again it's FL. So what should we expect rain or shine.
The biggest attraction is the blue berry festival that happens annually it attract large groups of people from different states.
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Traffic is great except for the frequent construction delays
They will tax you hard beacuse its a small diverse town tax and peices are ridicilous.
No terrible crimes thst involve killing. Just basic pety thefy crimes
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