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Brookside Village Reviews

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there are not any abandoned homes in the area
there are not alot of neighbors but we all know each other and look out for one another.
we constantly see the police patrolling and arrive quick
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It's peaceful, quiet, easy to get around.
it has one of the best school district in texas, however there is not much to do in the city of pearland.
overall a great place to live with many opportunities
Safe place to live with children
It's hit and miss based on the season
Local businesses treat customers with respect
Many jobs are retail of working in restaurants. there are some trained professions to do here.
Mostly chain restaurants, many good locally owned small restaurants. almost all have really great food.
Low crime rate, police are very prevalent, always patrolling. Sense of safety is very high. The police take their jobs very seriously.
Not too hot in the summer except for end of July/start of August, not too cold in the winter. No high winds, we are in the path of most hurricanes coming from the gulf though.
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