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The weather here is pretty mild. It's a rarity to get snow, so people just stay home if the roads are icy or snowy. The county will come salt the roads to make conditions safer, and school gets cancelled to avoid accidents of buses. The winter weather is usually in the 40s. Summer gets really hot, sometimes up to the mid to high 90s, but stays in the 70s and 80s most of July. Spring and fall are good in-between stages of the extremes. We don't have alot of flooding. There is a tornado siren in the area, but it is rare to hear anything. Rain is pretty good, not too much, but not so little that it's still drought. Downed trees and powerlines are usually handled by the county within a day.
Pollution is really low here. No businesses to pollute anything, and very little traffic. There is one local park for baseball, and there are lots of grassy areas. However, all the land area is owned by somebody, and you can't just trespass on people's land. If you live here, and own a good chunk of land, you have the freedom to do whatever you want on your land. If you are lucky enough to have a lake or pond or something, then good for you. Otherwise, there is not much for travelers to do here unless they are visiting their acquaintances's land. No national parks or reserves.
This area had one elementary school, but that school closed in the last few years due to budget cuts in the county. There isn't much to draw people to the area except if they want their children in the school system, if the area is generally close to a job, or if people just want a quieter place to live. I enjoy coming here after going to college in Atlanta, but this area is pretty boring. I couldn't imagine growing up anywhere else though. I would not rank this high on places to live out of everywhere in the country, but for certain people, it has it's appeals. We moved to the area for the education system. I don't see this area growing much at all over the next 10 years, unless they reopen the school for use and add something here like restaurants.
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There is a park in Brooks that is meant for baseball and softball only, but there might be one gym in the area. I see people going out walking or running occasionally, and I see cyclists, too. I wouldn't say the whole area is very active, but since people here do their own thing all the time, it is perfectly fine for people to go outside and get some exercise. There is also usually alot of land around people's houses, so they can spend time enjoying the outdoors if they please. Alot of people get their exercise by doing yard work or farming, too.
There is very little crime here as far as I'm aware. People might speed too much, but that's the most of it. We were robbed one time over 10 years ago, and the man was caught. The only vandalism we have seen is so kids broke mailboxes a few times, but it hasn't happened in a while. I still would never leave my house unlocked or my windows open in that chance that someone is daring enough to go snooping, but I don't really know of any crime here recently at all. I don't like walking alone at night because the houses are so far apart, and there aren't many people out at night at all. The police rarely come out here unless called.
The sense in Brooks is that people can just spend their time minding their own business. I think the only way people feel a sense of community is if they talk to their neighbors, have children in school together, go to church together, or go get some help from a friend. The only families I know here are the ones that I went to school with someone in the household. The rest of my neighbors, I wouldn't know them if I saw them on the street. Some people want to feel more part of a community, so they go to the town hall for meetings, etc.
The are no restaurants or food markets in this town. They were going to open a pizza place one time, but it never actually opened.
Since it's a more rural area, there is never alot of traffic. But there is also almost no sidewalks. Drivers are usually very cautious of people walking on the side of the road, and cyclists are common, so people politely pass them. The road conditions are fine. The speed limits in the area are lower, but this does lead to some speeding by residents, especially on straight roads. Parking is fine because you are either parking at a small business or visiting somebody, so it's not a problem.
There are very few businesses in the area, most of which I have never gone to. The only businesses I really know about are the post office, a hair salon, a tattoo, piercing, and tanning place, a few gas stations, and a few supply stores. The gas stations have very good service and have inviting stores, particuarlly Huckabee's store. It's very big and has lots of options. The post office is very convenient for the area because people don't have to drive half and hour to find a post office. Mail runs great. As for the rest, I've never gone to them.
This is a rural area, not even suburbs, so there are very few businesses here. The businesses are very small and are run by the owners, sometimes in their own houses. It's not a place to come for business and jobs at all. It's between some larger cities with more job opportunities, but this town is better for people who want to come home to a peaceful area after work. Farmers have plenty of land here though if they want to make their living that way.
Since Brooks is a rural area where people hardly ever met their neighbors, it's difficult to say anything about people's backgrounds. Alot of people have had relatives grow up here, so they live here as well because they inherit land/house. Most people I have seen here are Caucasian, and I assume they are more conservative. I've met one family here that moved from South Africa, but they moved for job reasons. And there is one African-American family on my street that I know of, and a Falcon's football player has/had a home here (not sure if he is still here or not). But that's it for diversity as far as I know. There are a few churches in the area, and that's it. The church communities seem pretty close. It's the closest to a small-town feel that you will find the town. The people are usually cordial and helpful if you need something.
For a very rural area, it doesn't have the stereotypical small-town feeling of everyone knowing each other. Someone told us when we moved here that people come to this town to get away from people. It's very peaceful, but not very exciting. There is one big event a year during the summer that caters to children mostly, and the most exciting thing that happens in the town is the baseball, softball, and t-ball games at Brooks Park. The park is only ideal for those sports, so for people with children who play the game, it's the most people interact in this town. The few store owners are very nice, but I can't really comment on how other people treat guests in town because I've never seen them interact for any reason.
Brooks is known for being very peaceful, and people live here for years. I only know of one uninhabited house, but it is owned. There is lots of land on people's properties. I live in the city limits, and in order to build a house, it has to be on an area of 5 square acres at least. The houses are in good condition, with some very old and some new. It is a rural area, and you can live quietly without being disturbed much. I don't even know what the people right across the street look like because their house and our house are far enough from the road, and we don't have a need to bother each other. If people want to buy a house here, they will be buying the land around it, too. Those who have lived here all of their lives can sometimes live in very old houses. The uninhabited house I mentioned was built by my great-great-great grandfather, which should give you an idea of just how old some of the houses can be, but some houses are brand-spankin' new. The house I live in now was built in 2007, and because of the building quality codes in the county, the house is still in very good shape after 7 years.
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