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Brooklyn Park is a city with many different cultures and ethnicities. It's a very fun place to live and there's always something to do.
Living in Brooklyn Park, MN is very diverse. There are a large population of different cultures. The neighborhoods are great, safe, and clean. The community offers easy access to clinics, hospitals, and stores. I am happy to be apart of the community.
I moved to Brooklyn Park about five years ago from Saint Paul, Minnesota. I love my neighborhood. Every year my community gets together and we barbecue, have games and music. A lot of people from the community come out and enjoy their self. The only complaint would be the bus line sometimes it can take an hour or two before the next bus comes.
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Brooklyn Park is a very nice neighborhood to live in. All our neighbors are very friendly and we have never had any suspicious activity happen around this neighborhood. I would recommend someone this area if they are looking for a nice decent and not expensive place to live. This neighborhood is also very safe. I can leave my car unlocked at night and nothing happens to it.
the thing i like most about this city are its people. Wherever you go in this city, people are very helpful and down to earth. Sure there will be a couple of jerks but it doesn't bother as much as it should because no matter where you go people will always be kind and generous
The public elementary schools in Brooklyn Park are new and friendly. However, the middle and high schools around here do not do very well in terms of academics and security. The newer, developed parts are becoming much better, but the crime rate in this area is very high.
I moved to Brooklyn Park one year ago & I'm happy with my home. I love how there is a variety of everything at your finger tips. I live in an amazing neighborhood, & right up the street from the Police station. There's always a little drama wherever you go. There are parks everywhere for my kids, there's always activities, & an amazing selection of food.
Leaving North Minneapolis to enter into the suburb of Brooklyn Park was a huge change. I enjoyed the quietness of the neighborhood, the friendliness from the neighbors, and most importantly the safety that has been built. There was a large open field next to my house where kids played volleyball and tennis. There was a nice trail that you could walk along that would bring you to another neighborhood. All in all Brooklyn Park gives you the nice tranquil peace of a suburb, while providing the busy feels we love a city.
I think BROOKLYN Park is becoming a good place to live. There some places where I would never want to live. Some police are not ready to deal with Black Americans, but that's life. There are some great places to eat and enjoy the night life.
I really love the city I live in. People can argue about if it's a great city but in my eyes I love it. I wouldn't change a thing about the place I grew up in, it's so welcoming and everything is convenient
Brooklyn Park has been my home for over 23 years and over those 23 years I have come to see the beauty all around it. It has a college very near by, many friendly local business' and some of the kindest/caring people I have ever had the pleasure to know. There currently isn't much I would like to change but one thing I would, would be the difference in housing once you cross 85th. It seems like once you go further into Brooklyn Park there seems to be more crime. A lot of drug trafficking happens in that area and the same thing is many elementary school and middle schools are in the area. It's not as bad as it use to be so for that I am glad and very hopeful for the future of Brooklyn Park.
I loved living in Brooklyn Park. Most areas are well kept and safe. Family friendly and close to everything. Overall, it's a nice area.
Brooklyn Park is a very friendly community. Everyone basically knows everyone. There are lots a family friendly places in Brooklyn Park.
Brooklyn Park is a very decent area to live in. Some might say it's a "ghetto" area to live in, but it's actually not that bad. It has good public schools nearby, a community college, and a pretty decent rate of jobs.
Brooklyn Park is an extreme diverse city in Minnesota, filled with many amazing people, opportunities, and events. The people are caring and will help if you need it. Most parts of Brooklyn Park are also very safe, both at night and during the day. It is a place I'd strongly recommend to anyone.
I used to live in Brooklyn Park when I moved to Minnesota in 2004. The living condition there is good, but the crime rate there is high, because there are diversity of people who live there. There are churches, schools, as well as business locations. I remember one Sunday morning when I was about to leave my apartment to go to church, someone was shot in the community, and because that I decided not live there anymore.
Family friendly neighborhood with local public schools and is 15 to 20 minutes away from the cities.
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Great city to live in and work. There isn't a lot of things to do here, but nearby cities have a lot to do. The local school is good.
Brooklyn Park is a diverse community with lots of opportunities. There is always something to get involved in, whether that be athletics or volunteering.
Its been a great time living here ! Many great schools including Champlin Park and Park center are great as they are both IB related schools ! i am currently a student and love my school and area and would recommend anyone to live here ! its great!
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