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I love the diversity here, especially compared to how it used to be when I was younger. One think I wish I could change is the environment and how dirty it is. I just wish try he community took more pride in keeping the place clean therefore it would look more appealing.
As a resident of Brooklyn, NY since birth, I can describe it as unlike any other borough in New York City. It has diversity in restaurant cuisines, an abundance of indoor and outdoor activities for any forgotten hobbies, events providing exposure to local businesses every spring to fall weekend, and a multitude of parks for the greenery exposure that sometimes gets lost in a big city. Brooklyn also has a very laid-back vibe when compared to Manhattan and the price range is also much more affordable. In my honest opinion, a niche can be found for anyone in Brooklyn, but for whatever it may be thought to lack, can be made up for very easily with a quick ride on the train to any of the other four boroughs.
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It's a very convenient place to live but also very stressful because of the traffic and fast paced lifestyle. Cost of living is very expensive with rent through the roof.
I love Brooklyn, NY the diversity here is unique and exciting. There many places to visit for singles, families and pets. This area of town has some of the best places to eat and study. A truly unique and diverse part of NYC.
I migrated from a small country in South America in 2008. After migrating I moved to Brooklyn, New York with my family. Moving was definitely a culture change for me. If you are looking for a place to live where there are people from all different walks of life then, Brooklyn is certainly the place for you. Living in Brooklyn you will never get tired of seeing the same kind of people. It is a diverse neighborhood. With Diversity also comes people who are raised differently from others. Because of this there are so many different kinds of foods, music, activities and the different ways people live in Brooklyn. You will find many fast food places, public transportation which is accessible from pretty much anywhere. Living in Brooklyn was definitely convenient for me in so many ways. I believe that it is a great place to live/visit.
Living in the center of Brooklyn, I have enjoyed the many perks that go with Brooklyn. Walking in Prospect Park with friends or being with my family in Coney Island, it brings me happiness and joy. Smells really does bring memories and the emotions along with it. The smell of cut green glass or seafood brings a smile in my face.
Amazing food, great parks, easy access to all necessities. The Brooklyn experience is different depending on which area you're in. Living in Crown Heights the most obvious issue is the lack of respect people have for the area they live in, lots of littering. In other areas though, people do care about the area in which they live and its clean and beautiful. Housing in Brooklyn is great as a whole, lots of duplex homes on side streets with easy access to any type of store.
Brooklyn is a fun place to live. There are always fun activities and events. There usually isn't any parking or it takes a while to find a parking spot. Real estate prices have soared especially in neighborhoods such as Williamsburg.
Brooklyn is a vibrant home to an incredibly diverse population of people from all walks of life. We have Chinese food to rival. Honestly, I would make the rent go a little lower. Overall, I love living in Brooklyn.
Not as busy and noisy as the city but there is still lots of life in Brooklyn. Very calm and filled with cheap good food and good people.
amazing love it h0uses a variety of people from all shapes and sizes
affordable and changing its surrounding each and everyday
no matter who you are you will find a place to fit in
I love Brooklyn. I was born and raised here. I've seen so many changes take place in this borough. Some of these changes include the tearing down and building of new homes/condos.
What i would love to see happen is for more youth programs to emerge and help children and young adults to grow. It would really help our community to flourish
Superb nightlife. New clubs, and a happening, cutting-edge scene as well as new development all make Brooklyn and attractive place to live. New 30 somethings as well.
I love that everything that a person need is right at the font door. There is so much to do in Brooklyn and so many people to share the experience with.
one of the best places in the world live. The city is amazing. The people are amazing. I was born and raised here and I absolutely love it. I moved to Baltimore and I still l miss brooklyn. My family is alsop from there and we all know the ins and outs of brooklyn.
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Brooklyn is great. It offers a ton of diversity and invigorating inspiration with a little less intensity than Manhattan.
I really enjoy my neighborhood. I live near Prospect Park which is great in the summer. There are usually great events such as performances by musicians, food events, and fun activities. In addition, Brooklyn has many shopping and social events to offer.
Brooklyn is a place like no other. Brooklyn is segmented into little neighborhoods that welcome you into its giant arms. With every little neighborhood there are little delis on every corner with hard working parents, family members, and friendly faces. While the cost of living is competitive, Brooklyn justifies itself with its homey residential areas, safe neighborhoods, and accessibility to anything and everything. Get on an N/D/F/R train and the sky is the limit!
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