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Now for myself, Brooklyn reached out her hand and gave me it all. No matter if you're rich like Brooklyn's own, Jay-Z, poor like a single mother on the welfare line, or just making it like myself, Brooklyn gives you the love, the knowledge, and rich culture as a gift. From that first moment in the morning when the sun is shining through the crack of the blinds, Brooklyn wakes you up like a mother trying to get her child ready for school. She might wake you up with the sound of police sirens, she might wake you up by the commotion of a construction site, she might wake you up to move your car to avoid getting another parking ticket, but you’re now up to start your day. Brooklyn prepares you for the world. The city teaches you something new all the time. Brooklyn will turn any boy into a man, any girl into woman. I wouldn't change a thing.
I love Kings County. There are so many different neighborhoods, that you can literally visit a different culture/country on a regular basis. Brooklyn is a place where immigrants flocked to early on, because it had and still has so much to offer: Prospect Park, Coney Island, the Botanical Gardens just to name a few. Whether visiting or living, it is truly diverse on so many levels. Enjoy.
Brooklyn is extremely diverse, highly gentrified neighborhoods and low income housing can be several streets apart. The food in Brooklyn is amazing, you can get anything from Italian,Uzbek, and Mediterranean dishes all in one neighborhood. Brooklyn is not the stereotypical city you would see is gangster films of the late 20th century, in fact it is very safe for the amount of people living in the borough of brooklyn. Most people do commute to Manhattan and others areas of New York City to work due to the residential appearance of most Brooklyn neighborhoods. Public transportation has improved over the years therefore buses and trains run more frequently. Ultimately, I enjoy living in Brooklyn, New York.
Beautiful place, its THE melting pot of New York better yet America. Diverse people, food, and communities. Cost of living has gone up over the years but I wouldn't trade it for no place else in this world
Overall nice place to live. However, extensive health disparities and lack of health equity plague predominant areas. Needs more resources to close the gap.
Brooklyn is a thriving multi cultural hot spot that is a refreshing break away from the hustle and bustle of New York City
Brooklyn is a nice place to live and raise a family. Cost of living is high and things are expensive . Beautiful place to live in some areas. Lots of shopping areas and places just to hangout.
My city is multicultural and diverse. Brooklyn is family oriented with so much to from, movies, petting zoo, botanical gardens, children museums, eateries for families or just adults. The food varies from Soulfood, Latin, Haitian, Asian, Halal, Caribbean and much more. In Brooklyn you would not miss an opportunity to travel around the world because Around the has traveled to Brooklyn.
Brooklyn is so filled with culture and divers people. the way the neighborhoods are growing is fantastic and I look forward to seeing more
I like the fact that there is a subway and bus system. This makes it easier to get around. The food is also cheaper than in Manhattan. Brooklyn is also very diverse.
Brooklyn is definitely a melting pot of different demographic groups, in regards to ethnicity and economic status. There are some parts of this borough that is lovely and other parts of it that makes one forget that they're still in the same borough. Despite the drastic differences between each Brooklyn neighborhood, its an okay place to live or visit. There are many public attractions to explore and we even have the Barclay Center!
I've never lived in a place where I can get a banana split at 2 a.m. delivered to my door in 10 minutes flat. Brooklyn is so diverse and there are a lot of cultures to learn from. One of the best places I've ever lived.
Brooklyn is like a cultural melting pot, from Caribbean to Indian to Hispanic the variety is enthralling. The food is amazing and the adventurers are endless, just be careful!
I was born and raised in Brooklyn. I went to school mostly in Brooklyn and my family lives there as well. Brooklyn has become very diverse and reminds me of Manhattan now. There are more places to eat and experience more cultural events.
Brooklyn is bubble of a vast residential desires, from the family havens of Park slope to the upcoming hipster scene in Bushwick. Manhattanites are uprooting in droves to Brooklyn and realty is reaping the benefits. Manhattan has a new viable competitor for the title most popular city hub in New York State.
Brooklyn is a great place to live for the typical 20 to 40 year old. It is the backyard to Manhattan and had become a great worldwide known city. There are endless great places to eat, visit, and drink at. It is so much fun to live here but there are many drawbacks. The drawbacks include the overpopulation, the pollution, the expensive costs of living, limited living spaces, the lack of jobs, and the unfriendly residence.
Though I have been living in Brooklyn for about 6 months, it is a diverse neighbourhood. I live in Bedford-Stuyvesant. It is mostly safe place to live. Though living standards are not as high as Manhattan or Queens, it possess its own uniqueness. The neighbourhood I live in are composed of about 70 percent black population and the rest are whites, Asians, and Latinos. Different large retail stores such as Costco, Target etc are located at the vicinity of my neighbourhood. A very convinient place to live.
Brooklyn is a large, culturally and socioeconomically diverse, urban borough in New York City. There is a range of neighborhoods with several nice parks, good public transportation, and a variety of restaurants and shops. There are residential and light industrial areas. The waterfront provides much in the way of recreational opportunities, from beaches to bike paths. Many neighborhoods are safe and family friendly. There are some excellent colleges, too. Downsides are the somewhat segregated public school system, representative of New York City, in general; the lack of available free parking; and the effects of gentrification.
A lot of diversity. Great places to eat and shop. The view of Manhattan is mesmerizing. Transport is the only problem that should be addressed.
Brooklyn is the most populous borough of New York City. I have lived in four areas of Brooklyn, and enjoyed living in all of them. I spent the most time living in Greenpoint, where I lived for 6 years. Brooklyn is a more manageable place than Manhattan, but has almost all of the cultural perks of living in Manhattan. I love the diversity of Brooklyn's people and businesses!
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