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Brooklyn is a great town with a lot of potential. Everyone is super friendly and has all the amentities of small town living.
Wonderful place to raise children! The schools are highly rated on education and sports. Don't blink or you'll miss the town!
Brooklyn is a small town that has everything you need. Good people, good schools. A tight knit community
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I don't honestly know of much if any crime that happens often here. I feel very safe here, people know each other and keep aware of their neighborhoods. I see the police once in awhile, usually just speeding or an accident I don't have any concerns.
It's a small community with that hometown feel to it. The area is beautiful set in the middle of several lakes, with a diverse choice of activities for families to do. I think its been the best choice I made for my children, it gave them more opportunities and a controlled environment for them to grow up in. This area will pretty much stay the same, at least that's what I hope for it.
Although Brooklyn sees some crime just like any area, it's kept to a relative minimal. Most of the crime that occurs are usually domestic issues and theft, but we do get the very occasional trespassing and B&E. The police are committed to providing a safe place to live, and are very good at what they do.
Brooklyn is a great small town to live in. It has a very unique atmosphere. You can go from shops to cornfields in almost seconds flat, but it still has what you need for everyday life and then some. Brooklyn is home to several popular lakes and river systems, so there is no shortage of things to do. If you're looking for something different, drive an hour in any direction and you'll end up in either Lansing, Ann Arbor, Toledo, or Kalamazoo.
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