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I love how much diversity there is in one city, how close to downtown its. the living expenses are quite middle class and decent for a family.
Brooklyn Center is a very diverse community. Everyone from all parts of the world reside here. We have a great community center. There are many options for public and private schools. There are wonderful parks and dog friendly areas. Public transportation is excellent.
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My experience here has been not bad but not the best either. The area is very nice to raise a family from a young age. But if you're young and a professional, I wouldn't recommend this area, not a lot of things to do. nor is there anywhere really for people to start their careers.
Brooklyn Center has been a great, central location for young adults. My spouse and I were able to find a reasonably priced residence, and not have to surrender being around a good area. There are a lot of locations with food and everyday needs.
Small town close by all new shopping in town. everything is like 1mile away from home. Neighbor parks and walking trails are safe. Love all the pond, lake, and trees nearby.
I have been living in Brooklyn Center for the better part of a year, and I love the city. The people are great, the view is spectacular, and other than the construction that seems to never end, it is a wonderful place to live. Everything that you want or need is close by, you don't have to drive far to get a good burger!
I like that there are parks and community center in a walking distance. The neighborhood is quite and family friendly. I just moved recently and have no problem. Police and fire fighter station are nearby. Hospital and clinics are nearby. Walking distance to the store.
To be honest I kind don't like it over here because a lot of things are going on like people getting shot. It's almost like the hood. That is why I'm trying to better myself by going back to school. So I can pick another living location!
Brooklyn center is a peaceful place good to live. Everyone in my a neighborhood is nice. It is my second year living in Minnesota especially, in Brooklyn center. This environment makes me feel secure.
Brooklyn center is a pretty town. Covered with a polite and nice people.
Most of the time, if you found yourself in trouble, you can easily found someone who can help you. Four months ago, my car broke down in the middle of the parking store. I was very embarrassing and confusing and also shy to ask for help. After few minutes a group of three people came and help me to fix my car, without hesitation. I was so happy and lucky to be in a nice city.
There's not a lot of involvement in the neighborhood but I like my neighbors and how nice and friendly they are. I don't like how there isn't much to do in the area, like the parks are outdated and there isn't many stores to shop at.
I've lived in Broolyn Center for around 23 years and have loved it. I haven't had any issues but there's something that turns up every once in a while.
Tons of shopping/food options, nature reserves to visit, airport and commute is good, but could overall improve parks and recreation areas.
The crime is not bad and there is not really and crimes that happen in my area.
The area of where I live is peaceful even though sometimes there are issues. It is a great place to live and grow up.
Their have been some break-ins in the past even before we moved in but I think each year they decrease. It's not a safety issue, where we have to be worried I mean it's not gotten any worse and the authorities are quick to respond when there have been issues.
Overall ranking I would say it is great, it's a very nice neighborhood. People are respectful and helpful, even though their have been some break in's not successful but still. I'm pretty sure the people trying to break in are from a different neighborhood, but overall it's a great place.
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I've only heard about a home invasion once, but the person was not hurt or anything. Although I also heard about someone being shot about 5 blocks away from my home during the summer.
It is always usually calm and quiet and fine. Sometimes there are moments where police cars or an ambulance may pass by but that's about twice a month.
Living in this area is not the best but it is not the worst. I love that I live near pretty much everything I need. One thing that I would change is that the transit station is across the street from the apartments. Other than that it is a pretty good area for a young person because it is not expensive and you don't really need to drive everywhere since things are really close.
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