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Brookline is an incredibly safe and friendly neighborhood that is great to raise a family in. There are eight public K-8 schools and one highschool. However, Brookline is not the most diverse neighborhood and is also quite expensive. There is a huge difference in house sizes from north Brookline to South Brookline as well since north Brookline is closer to Boston.
It is a great town with many resources and nice people. I like living there a lot. Also has a great school system.
as a student here, i've had a pretty good experience with the public schools. not very diverse and definitely not a cheap place to live
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Brookline is quaint and full of bookstores, cafes, and quirky shops. It is a stone's throw from Cambridge and downtown Boston, and the public transportation will get you into the city quickly.
Brookline is a very safe place to live, the public school system is good, and the people’s views are very liberal. The only issue is there is little to no diversity, it’s all white and Asian folk around. Though this isn’t an issue, I’d much rather prefer more diversity, which they’ve been working on at the public schools with things such as the METCO system.
Every week we encounter rude, old, self-centered people who are doing their best to make Brookline a bubble that suites them and no one else. Specifically, Brookline residents are very anti-dog and try to make the parks as dog free as possible. And god forbid you ride your bike on the sidewalk for one block in order to cross the street to get to the bike lane - because you’ll get stopped on the corner and scolded.
Every day I feel grateful to live in such a safe, beautiful, and diverse town like Brookline! The town of Brookline is very close to downtown Boston (15-20 minute train ride at the most). That being said, there are plenty of amenities available in Brookline itself that make traveling downtown necessary only occasionally, including Trader Joe's and many delicious restaurants and bars. Having grown up in a major city, I appreciate how safe I feel in Brookline even late at night. The town attracts people from all over the world, many of whom move here for professional opportunities. I have never had to worry about the streets being plowed in the winter, as the town is extremely on top of it! Honestly, this is as close to a Utopia town as you can get, and the only downside is that the housing stock is pretty old and expensive. Your best bet is to buy an apartment if you can and make it over, or find a rental property that the landlord is willing to renovate.
I love Brookline, it's so safe and so family-friendly, and it feels like the perfect mix of suburb and city. And the amount of green space is amazing.
Filled with old nosey opinionated douchbags. If you are looking for a place to live where everyone is into your business look no further.
I enjoy the area. Great school system and perfect commuter location. One thing I would change about Brookline is the lingering racism that is still apparent within the school system and the police department.
Brookline is family friendly. Its got good but not great schools. Its very expensive to buy homes here and thus the lack of socio-economic diversity. Its proximity to Boston provides residents access to top rate hospitals, museums, sports teams and cultural attractions.
Brookline was a great place to grow up because of the public schools. The parks were great as well. It is a very liberal town but the diversity of the schools could be improved. It is not a very affordable town, but the public services make up for the high taxes.
Nice, quiet neighborhood close to the city. Lots of transportation options. Convenient access to Route 9. Lots of wild turkeys. However, exceptionally high prices here (groceries, rent, etc.).
I love Brookline first of all because of its beauty and safety. Second, having a five-year-old child, I appreciate the convenience of commuting to schools here and quality of education. Third, I love that there are many restaurants, good grocery stores, and a movie theater nearby.
The only thing that I would like to improve is increasing the number of children’s activities around as dance studios, painting studios, gymnastics, etc. There are a few of them around, but not enough for the possibility of making choice.
Brookline might just be the best suburb in America. If one wants a lively atmosphere, they can find an apartment or house near Coolidge Corner or Brookline Village, and those who prefer the quiet can find a nice house in South Brookline. Close commute to Boston, great public transport, cafes and restaurants in Central Brookline make this neighborhood really special. The school are good too, very good even, but there are better in the Boston metro area and just remember to be willing to pay exorbitant rent.
I love Brookline - in terms of the neighborhood itself, the schools, and the parks. One strange disadvantage is that although it is family friendly, speed limits are not enforced and it can be difficult to cross the streets safely with children.

Most importantly though, the housing market here is ballooning and apartments that were 100k 10 years ago are now on the market for 850k. That is the low end for an apartment big enough for a family, and these are with falling apart interiors.

Also as a young professional, I don't meet up-and-coming parents and families, I meet families that have already done well enough to buy 1.5million homes. 5 years ago I felt it is was more mc/umc in the cheaper areas. Now it is strictly uc if one wants to live here with a family.
Brookline has many opportunities for growth and meeting new people! The abundance of restaurants and coffee shops allows for many social gatherings as well as feeling like home.
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It's been really fun to grow up here! Safe community, great schools, and relatively diverse for a suburb.
Quiet suburban like area with a city feel. Lots of vegetation for a city. Small shop oriented and the city itself tries to be environmentally friendly.
I loved growing up in Brookline because of the community. The resources-- including the public schools, parks, libraries, transportation are endless, and it is so easily accessible to other parts of Boston including Jamaica Plain, Cambridge, Dorchester, and Allston. The downside to Brookline is that it has become very expensive and is very white-- the politics are very liberal which is great, but it can feel like a vacuum. Also, there is no overnight street parking.
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