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Brookline is a fun little town that can take you away from the busy Boston life. It has everything that you would find in a suburban community, but with the option to get right bank into the city. You may find preserved buildings and a strong heritage here, rich with delicious food and colorful people. Its quiet and homey for someone settling down, but close enough to the action in the city.
Brookline is the perfect option if you don't want to live in Boston. The commute into the city is so easy but you get the benefits of peace, quiet, and safety. There are plenty of cool local shops and restaurants to try out too.
Brookline is one of my favourite places in Boston. It is very close to downtown, the commute time is very short and there are a lot of opportunities available
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best place on earth. no better place to grow up. amazing schools, food, parks, and people. I can't imagine myself anywhere else.
Brookline is the perfect town to start a family or raise children. There are lots of activities to offer, like the Clayroom, libraries, museums, parks, and Knight Moves, a board game cafe. People are very friendly and respectful. The area is clean. Public transportation isn't bad either, with the greenline train running down Beacon street, and the 66 bus running up an down Harvard. Downtown Boston just a fifteen to twenty minute ride away, so access to the museums, aquarium, theaters and nightlife is easy. One last thing: the town recently put in bike lanes, so biking around town is safe and fun!
I have lived here for two years and I love it! I am leaving soon for graduate school and I feel as though I will miss it greatly. I always feel safe, people leave their strollers outside at night! I don't have to go far to find everything I need for easy living. The price of living is worth the location right by coolidge corner !
I really like Brookline. It is a friendly town and I have always felt safe living here. There is shopping in Coolidge Corner with a lot of great shops and the location is close to public transportation and not that far from Boston. The rent is on the higher end but I have learned to accept it when the neighborhood I live in is clean and safe. The one thing that they could improve on is making sure in the winter that the sidewalks are clean for pedestrians. They do a great job in snow removal for the drivers, but forget about the people who don’t walk not to mention the people who are elderly and disabled.
Brookline is a great, quiet and safe neighborhood to live. It has great shops, stores, markets, bookstores, coffee shops for you to enjoy. it also has a very convenient location. It doesn't take more than 30 min to get to downtown via public transportation and less than 15 min via car.
I love Brookline! Close to many things and T which is a plus! People are also very friendly. However, the no more plastic bags was a little frustrating.
Great place to live (very safe). It's very suburban but close to Boston. Good schools and family-friendly, but high cost of living.
Brookline is very a pleasant town - family and young adult oriented. More public transit would be helpful and reduced rent housing would be necessary for me to live here long term.
I was born and raised in Brookline and it has been a fantastic location to grow up. I attended Brookline High School, where I had mostly wonderful teachers and great classmates. It's an extremely liberal town and is very accepting of everyone. It's a very safe place, has great parks, good restaurants, a variety of things to do, and some beautiful local landmarks that are beloved in town.
I am living in Brookline during graduate school and I love it here. The houses are beautiful, the people are friendly, and I generally feel safe.
Overall a very safe area, barring the busy road. There is the occasional shifty fellow who hangs out for a bit longer than he should but everything's hunky dorey. That being said there has been some violent incidents in the past months, but I still feel very safe walking past modnight.
Fairly urban but not overwhelming, close access to Train stop. Plenty of restaurants In shops within walking distance. Parking is rough though.
I don't know much about safety issues in this area, but it seems to be safe enough as I saw police work hard to manage the city to be safe.
The area is very familiar to where I lived in England with peaceful and relaxing atmosphere. I am very happy to have moved into here and become a part of it. Since this place is new for me, I am still trying to broaden my experience here and I think it will be a great pleasure to stay in this area.
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It's close enough to downtown Boston by public transit, easy to get around, restaurants nearby, but in a neighborhood that's residential with families so I'm not necessary surrounded by noisy, busy city life.
Police are always present, they do a great job
This town is a great place to raise kids and have a calm paced life. It is usually quiet and has a strong belief in unity and togetherness. The police do a great job of keeping the area safe and people tend to respect each other and citizens of this town. The school system are state ranked and really provide the students with chances to engage and grow socially, mentally and in a community sense.
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