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I grew up in Brookline and lived there until I went to college in 2010. It is a quiet little town that is very tight-knit. The people care about one another and their overall community. It is commuting distance from Boston, Manchester, and Nashua, and has many scenic outdoor activities to offer. The other surrounding small towns offer many options for dining, shopping, and activities.
I live in a very small town. There has never been any major crimes committed. Only a couple of minor arrests but for nothing ever very serious. Very safe town and friendly people.
While my town is often looked down on for not having much to do, it has been the perfect town to grow up in. Everyone is friendly and willing to lend a helping hand. It is a great place to grow up in and I plan on either staying here and raising my future children or finding a town very similar.
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There are lots of entrepreneurs in the area and many people own their own businesses. They are profitable and relevant to life in this area.
The food/restaurant scene here is average. There are a lot of healthy options however, which is very nice.
The employment opportunities for people wanting a career appear to be quite limited. There are plenty of entry level positions with average wages, but nothing that would support a family. Most people here commute to bigger cities for work.
Besides the large amount of snowfall each year, we have the pleasure of experiencing each of the four seasons here in New Hampshire.
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