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When there is snow on the ground they get it up quickly.
It's been the same for awhile.
There are restaurants and supermarkets all over in walking distances.
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There are a lot of job opportunity but it just depends on who you know to get the job.
They don't offer our household recycle cans we have a dumpster.
There's barley no accidents that I know of.
I can't speak on everyone else but I don't do drugs or abuse alcohol.
I'm not interested in political issues.
There has been no crime since I moved there.
They have events once in a blue when there's a holiday.
It's the best where I live because everything I need is in walking distances.
The houses look great from my perspective. I live in apartments and they keep them well maintained toy standards.
They are okay people to be around. The people speaks every now and then. They are down to earth people as far as I know. There are no drama or commotion ever where I live.
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