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I like the beach and how just a 5 minute drive can take you to the river, where it's warm and relaxing. You don't even realize your only a few miles from town. It's also nice that the beach is just around the corner, you could eat there on your lunch break. One negative thing is we are isolated here, it's a 2 hour drive for any mall shopping. If your a person who enjoys the small town living, then Brookings is for you.
I've lived here pretty much my whole life and I love it. This is my home, and there's no where else I would rate live. The weather is pretty mild, which makes it a nice place to vacation or live. The crime rate is very low, and I feel very safe walking my dog by myself at anytime of the day. There are lots of good places to eat, and for the most part the traffic is very light. Espessially when you consider it to bigger city traffic. If you are looking to rent a place here good luck! There are very little available in the way of rentals. And if u do find a rental, plan on paying close to 1500 per month. I think it's getting to where it would be about the same per month to buy a place. Other than that o really do like it here.
Brookings, Oregon, is a nice, quiet, little town. Very safe place to live, especially when wanting to raise a family. The people here have a laid back attitude, and since our county name is Curry we have a saying, "No hurry in Curry". My absolute favorite thing about Brookings is the plethora of beaches this little town has to offer. They are clean, diverse in aspects, and generally uncrowded.
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Brookings is a beautiful city on the coast of Oregon. Brookings, Oregon has a beach and a crystal clear river. This coastal town is a great place for tourism and for inquirers to live.
I moved to Brookings, Oregon a year ago, and it has been pretty good so far. For the younger generation, there's not much to do but outdoor activities such as hiking, kayaking, etc. The fact that we are 15 minutes from the California border is amazing. You don't have to drive so far to another town to do something isn't so bad. Also, things close down too early in this town.
I haven't seen any public buses and I've never seen a public train in southern Oregon, but this town has plenty of taxis and handicapped transportation for very cheap. There is always plenty of parking and nearly everything is in walking distance.
I think this town is absolutely beautiful and people seem friendly. The only thing I would really change is the fact that there is hardly any economic growth so jobs are hard to come by, which also makes finding a home to rent difficult. There seem to be quite a few homes for sale, but they can be pricey because of the scenery and location. Overall, I don't think this is a bad place to live,I just wish that there were more jobs.
I haven't been here very long so I'm not sure how the weather is year round. I know that there are frequently tsunami drills but I have yet to experience a bad storm. It is mostly sunny and a bit windy here, with occasional rain.
There are a few bars here, but only a couple of them serve food. The ones that I have been to have been decent, one in particular has excellent food and a great atmosphere, many nights have live bands. The other bars and restaurants are older and seem to be more run down. I don't think there are any clubs here, but I do not go out very often so I'm not sure.
There are no real hospitals but there are quite a few retirement homes. It is a coastal town so most people here work in the fishing or lumber type industry. Many people work at the grocery stores or the bars and restaurants. The town does not seem to be growing at all, it is mainly a retirement town.
There are not very many stores here, only two grocery stores and I haven't found any clothing stores. I travel out of town for my shopping except for groceries.
The area is populated by the elderly. Along with the demographic, the town is located in a wooded area. It's because of the geography of the town that most people take up nature based hobbies and activities, thus negating the need for nightclubs or bars.
Job openings are finite in Brookings. Although the quality of work isn't terrible, one may have to rely on the lumber mill for possible employment.
The businesses in this area pander to the elderly. Being an individual under the age of 30, I can't really find to many attractions that appeal to my demographic. My baser needs like food and clothing are met. Having said that, I consider Brookings too small and too limited to find attractive.
There are a few jobs here and some seem to have a somewhat high turn over rate, such as Bank Tellers. Many currently open jobs are either temporary or only part time, but there is a lot of competition. Also, given this town's close proximity to the Northern California border, there are many people from California coming up here to look for employment as well. There is a large Penitentiary in Northern California where many have found employment and they are usually hiring on a regular basis. There are also job opportunities in the health care field; although, we do not have a major hospital, there are doctor's offices (including specialty), an urgent care clinic, a small hospital in the next town (about 30 minutes up the coast), senior homes and communities as well as two behavioral health facilities/companies that focus on developmental and acquired disabilities.
Considering that this is quite a small town, it has almost everything that is needed for daily activities and living. The town does lack major retail stores and does not have any clothing stores other than second hand or thrift stores that sell clothes; but nothing along the lines of "Ross," "Macy's," or any of the other major retail store. There is a McDonalds, Dairy Queen and Taco Bell/KFC in the town that are fairly well ran. We used to have a few small town/mom-and-pop pharmacies, but those closed recently and were taken over by Rite Aid (which was just recently remodeled) and we have two grocery stores: Ray's and Fred Meyer. Ray's tends to be a bit overpriced, but they have loyalty cards. Fred Meyer is also a bit expensive, but also offers loyalty points and coupons. We also have a store called BiMart, which is actually owned by the employees and often has good sales on home items and other items but lacks a big selection pertaining to food. There are a few restaurants in town, including Chinese, a few bar and grills and bistros. One place in particular, called Superfly, is has really reasonable prices, good portion sizes and is absolutely delicious!
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