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My overall experance in Brookings was good. For being one of the "bigger" cities in South Dakota, it has a relatively low crime rate with a decent atmospher. The college gives it a stable renueable income, year after year. They do not have to worry about the town having a short fall. They have plenty have new faces.
I go to college at Brookings at SDSU and love the town! Its just the right size with friendly people and community. They are very welcoming community for a college town. It has lots of great places to shop and eat.
Brookings . South Dakota is a small collage town. It offers students at SDSU Brookings a safe, clean place to go to school. Many businesses and down town area with in walking distance from the school campus. There is even a busing service in town if needed. The Campus has a lot to offer as well. But if you need to do shopping, or find a good restaurant , bowling, catch a movie or meet for coffee this town has a lot of everything to offer. Sioux Falls, South Dakota is a forty five minute car ride from this town if you need a day trip for some fun as well.
nice small town, if you discount the dorms it has a population of 10,000. The town is kinda split between the downtown with bars and small stores, and the uptown side with large chain restaurants and lowes
Brookings has a welcoming small town feel. The people are friendly and helpful. Sioux Falls is less than an hour away which has great shopping and other neat opputunities.
Good schools that are getting better, university cultural and athletic programming, terrific library, effective city government, consistent but manageable growth patterns, family-friendly environment (e.g., Children's Museum)
Brookings is the perfect college town! It is small enough that it feels homey, yet has all the amenities necessary. The downtown is cute and has a good nightlife. There is a large variety of bars to choose from as well as many cute boutiques to fulfill your shopping needs! For a small town, Brookings has plenty of food choices to choose from, so the small town is not limited in that aspect. Another positive aspect about small town living is the people are close knit so they strongly support the college students. I moved from a bigger city to Brookings expecting the small town life to be boring and for the people not to care about the college, however I was pleasantly surprised after living here for almost four months. Brookings is a family friendly town that truly develops a relationship with students who attend the college. I could definitely see myself living here after I graduate!
Brookings is great community. If you're looking for a place to go to college that isn't to big but isn't to small either this town may be a great fit for you. The residents of this community are very friendly. The downs night life is fun during the school year but as soon as college lets out the town becomes a ghost town
I love the quaint, small town feel of Brookings, while still enjoying the college town experience. The residents of Brookings are friendly and helpful and it is an enjoyable community to reside in. I grew up in a small town similar to Brookings so it very much feels like home.
I have personally had my car broken into. My roommate has had her bike stolen. Our garbage can has been drug across the lawn and the garbage spread over the lawn.
I feel that during the summer time when all the college students have left it is a very dead and boring town. With all the college students here there is an increase in crime as far as bikes being stolen, vandalizing people's yards, and breaking into cars.
There has been an increase in drug activity, but that is happening everywhere.
Great area - feel safe. People work together and care about each other.
Whenever I leave my campus, no matter if it is two in the afternoon or two in the morning, I feel safe. This is because of the campus police and Brookings police. They are always patrolling and always on the lookout for anything going wrong.
The SDSU campus has a very open and friendly atmosphere to it. The people you see are always willing to help and also just to have a small conversation with you, if you would like. I would choose to live on campus with SDSU because of its great atmosphere and how being on campus makes me feel more connected to college.So far out of all of the colleges that I have seen, SDSU is still my favorite.
Haven't had any issues at all!
Brookings is a nice small town. There are not too many events going on. They have a few parks, small, but it counts
We live in an area where it's easy to get things done.
We live in an older neighborhood with little or no college students in the area. But it's quiet and easy to get things done.
I always see the SDSU and Brookings police driving around and making sure that Brookings is safe not only to students but the residents in the community.
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