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This is a very nice community. The only problems are, in some areas, very elitist, conservative Christians and an obsession with lacrosse. It is, however, very scenic, with many opportunities for students. There is a very close community from village to village
Property taxes are somewhat high. And the curbs and roads needs updating in my neighborhood (Centereach)
A great place to live and grow up. There is a high cost of living, no matter where you live within the township. Beautiful beaches in the summer.
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Living in Brookhaven is a good experience because you get to know a lot of people and they are pretty nice. It fosters a community of friendship and I feel welcome there.
It is a very clean and safe environment. The town does everything to fix any issues with the roads and such and the police department is one of the most attentive around. There is also a very good town board.
I think this town needs more attractions, or at least more advertised attractions. There are things to do but if you are not familiar with the town it leaves you searching online for things that are no longer present in the town.
Perfect place to grow up
It is a beautiful down and there are many things to do, but the best people aren't living around here.
We hace some vacant bank owned homes in my area.
Alot of my neighbors are the origional owners of theri homes.
Some home breakins in the area.
The traffic is always too busy.
there is barely any crime in this area
i would still live here but it does get a little boring because it is small. there is a lot to do outside of the town but not in it.
This place is practically crime free. Whenever anything remotely criminal happens, everyone is talking about it since it is such a rare occurrence.
This area is a nice place to live. However, it is very expensive. I also don't generally like the people here. Many people are rich and stuck up, but there are some great people too. It's nice being by the water and there are lots of pretty areas.
Rarely would we get vandalized. Last time that happened was when I was a child around 10-15 years ago. It rarely happens in our neighborhoods.
Review Brookhaven
The area where I live in is calming and not too loud. We do live near a university, but it isn't too noisy. I like how everything is close by but not too close where you can walk 2 minutes and get to your destination. There are some things near where I live and if you want a more lively environment, you can drive 10 minutes to port jeff near the dock. It is always full of people and is a great place to hang out.
It's great because of the local beaches and if you want you can take trains to the city. Its not a perfect store because we do have our share of crime and drug addicts, and car accidents.
Good neighborhood and schools in area. Very nice people.
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