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A lot of life long residents. More effort being focused on healthy lifestyle, local food, etc.
More crime than there used to be
I love where I live.
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I moved here because of family and the people here are very rude. I miss where I used to live and if I had a choice, I would not live here again. This area is growing with new establishments and the college helps it be a popular, well-known place. But the residents are rude and have no manners.
The people in town are great. You get to know a lot of people because it's a growing city with a small town feel despite that. I would definitely choose to live here again. It is a growing city with increasing potential. I see it being even more of a thriving area in the future.
we have the University and then a major drug company that pay pretty well if you can get into them. Lots of minimum wage jobs.
we are a college town, so there are lots of apartment buildings that have been built or are being built.
We have some really wonderful local businesses that I believe need to be supported and for the most part are supported by the public. I wish we had a larger and more convenient whole foods-type store with more organic and non-GMO foods....we do have one store, but it's not very big and located in a very difficult area to access regularly.
Some of our public servants and services are really wonderful, others are not so great and we even have a few that are just ok.
I do not know what kind of people are in West Virginia, I only know its a big population.
There are so many people in West Virginia, I don't know if they're nice or mean
Some parts of the store are good, but it gathers too many people in the buildings and the prices are getting raised.
Most of the time it has many rush hours during each day.
West Virginia doesn't have the attractions that other states have.
I don't know if exercising is safe because of the bad weather conditions or what kind of criminals live here.
The police department doesn't have enough officers to cover half of West Virginia
There are not that many good jobs with the amount of people in West Virginia.
Review Brookhaven
Nature is being polluted for some time, so I think so far its bad.
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