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I like the safety and how close I am to all of Metro Atlanta. I am not giving it five stars because of the lack of diversity in most neighborhoods, but nearby cities are more diverse in ethnicities.
The policeman are nice and have a safe presence in the city. The food stores are upcoming with the new Fresh Market. It is becoming a booming city really fast. They just added a Sublime donuts and a new tutorial center for students.
I loved this neighborhood growing up as a small child and I do love the differences it has now but, it seems all of my memories are gone. I love that it is much safer, I love the new demographic of family that is being shown but, I don't like that the realtors try to buy you out of the neighborhood instead of helping you think of ways you could stay in your neighborhood with an upgraded home that would sufficient until the time of sale. Absolutely love this neighborhood nonetheless!
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It's a very blooming city. It's quiet and a nice suburb to raise a family. I like that its quiet, yet the city is not too far.
I love living in Brookhaven. It is the perfect location for me. I like how it is close to downtown Atlanta without really being in the city. I can get anywhere I want to in 10-20 minutes.
The city of Brookhaven has only been in operation for a short while but has
caught the nation's attention by surprise. It's resident's have proven that
they want a recognized city on the map. Small businesses, home owner's,
and local politician's have worked together to establish a city that is rich in
culture, cuisine, diversity, style, beauty, education, and safety of it's citizens.
The tremendous growth is impressive. There is a plethora of shopping, dining and entertainment options.
Strong sense of community; neighbors look out for each other; very easy access to other parts of the metro Atlanta area
I have enjoyed living in Brookhaven for the past 2.5 years as a full time student and worker. I always feel safe and am glad this is where I chose to live. The cost of living is quickly increasing as it's becoming a more desirable place to live. Easy access to the highways makes for easy and quick travel. I'm only 20 minutes away from most parts of Atlanta if there is low traffic. Brookhaven provides convenient shopping with small community like living, dining and shopping areas. I was very lucky to have chosen Brookhaven as a place to live.
love living in Brookhaven as a young adult. close to everything in the city that you would want to do. everything does close earlier on the weekdays as far as nightlife though. I work till 11pm so its kind of hard to enjoy that experience much. overall I love it here.
This a great upscale neighborhood. It's very quiet and friendly. Plenty of restaurants and stores are within walking distance. Great place to raise a family. Great place to live!
Brookhaven is a very nice city because I feel that it is very clean and safe. Since we have a lot of police officers, people are driving slower and it probably also discourages crime.
I have never had any issues with crime. As far as I can tell, the police are very active and present. Everyone watches out for each other.
Brookhaven is a great place to raise a family. Lots of parks and activities for kids. There is easy access to major highways and short commute to work. The area is in the city but it feels as though you live in the suburbs. There are lots of trees and it has a great neighborhood feel.
I love this community and my neighbors must also because there is not a lot of turnover. Many of us have lived here over 25 years. Schools are very good, neighborhood has well kept lawns, houses are not similar and all have garages, most of which do not face the street. My particular neighborhood has several parks with various activities, one a tennis center, another a swimming pool, most have picnic areas and fields for a variety of sports. There is a small university which offers a few cultural events and activities to the public.
I do not have any great concerns about safety or crime. The police are very responsive and concerned with the safety of the Brookhaven residents. They keep us informed through the neighborhood blogs about unusual crime and also give safety tips that help keep us safe. In the 42 years I have lived here, there has been a minimum of crime, mostly consisting of vandalism or household break-in. Brookhaven has its own police force and they are often seen driving through the neighborhood.
I have had my car broken into when unlocked, but beyond that, there are no crime issues I am aware of.
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When I graduate college, I hope to raise a family here.
Police are very attentive and active in the community. As long as a person is aware of their surroundings, they should not have a problem.
LOVE it here. Great place for singles and those raising a family. I would definitely choose Brookhaven over the surrounding areas. It continues to grow and add a lot of exciting new stores and projects!
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