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The best type of city to settle down in. Brookfield has the #1 high school in the state of Wisconsin with high rankings in athletics.
Brookfield may not have a 5-star rating when compared to other suburbs on a national level, but for Wisconsin: it's the best you can get. For starters, the Greater Milwaukee Area only has 4 shopping malls, 1 within Brookfield, and one on the border (together they have more square-footage than all the malls in the Madison Area). If you prefer outlet malls, try the Corners of Brookfield (clone of the Bayshore Town Center), or the Mayfair Collection. Need food? Brookfield boasts the most first-in-Wisconsin food-chains (that goes for retail/department stores as well). If you have children, well both of Brookfield's High Schools are ranked in the top 10 in Wisconsin (Brookfield East is in the top 5, but real estate is generally more expensive if you want in). You want hills, Brookfield has them. You want trees? Brookfield was built under a natural forest. Definitely the best place to live in Milwaukee.
Brookfield has been my home for almost 19 years now. There are numerous reasons on why I have loved living here my whole life. First, everything is close by, such as grocery stores, malls, different gas stations, movie theaters, restaurants, parks, gyms, schools, anything you name and Brookfield has it. Second, I've had the best time growing up and going to the different schools that this city has to offer. Also, the people in Brookfield are never shy to support their local high school team in football or basketball; therefore, they come to support the name of their city too. Lastly, due to the fact that I'm going to a college only 20 minutes away from my house, I must like Brookfield a lot since I'm staying close to home. Once a Brookfieldian, always a Brookfieldian!
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A great safe neighborhood, very affluent, lot's of children and a great school district. Good location in relation to MKE
Great area with great people and schools. Close to shopping and activities while still being surrounded by nature's beautiful trees and wildlife!
Brookfield is a very nice suburb in Milwaukee. Neighborhoods are family friendly, Brookfield offers a great school system, and there are a lot of shopping areas and places to eat. The only thing that I'd like to see change in Brookfield is the diversity.
I like the neighborhoods and the community here in Brookfield. I also like how in Brookfield you are close enough to the city, yet far away enough that you're not being bothered or kept up.
Brookfield is a nice and quiet community. Neighbors are for the most part friendly. It is also a safe community.
The streets are well-paved and organized. The main street (Bluemound Rd) is the busiest in Brookfield but it doesn't get too crowded, and the stop lights are timed out well. I attended Elmbrook schools in Brookfield when I was younger but then I moved to Milwaukee and open enrolled to West Allis schools. I really liked the way that teachers and other adults in the area treat adolescents. The citizens in Brookfield are kind, polite, and well-mannered; even the children. Brookfield is one of the best areas to settle down in. There are a lot of activities to get involved in; such as, Brookfield Square Mall, various restaurants, and multiple parks for kids. Brookfield is a great area to settle down in because it is about a twenty minute drive from downtown Milwaukee, so it is close to the city life, but you get to enjoy the peace and quiet life of a suburban area.
I like that Brookfield has a lot of walking paths, and I always see a lot of dogs. We have great parks, farmers markets, and library. But it is not very diverse.
Brookfield Wisconsin is a great place to live. It is a small little city with a very friendly atmosphere to it. With its size comes locations that are very easy to find. Some of the Local schools such as Swanson Elementary and Wisconsin Hills Middle School are very close by so that they are easy commutes by bus, car, or bicycle. Another thing that is great is all of the great parks in the area. I highly recommend living in Brookfield.
On a warm day, the beautiful sun shines on the happy children playing by the pool-side at Wilson park. The community of Brookfield is big and welcoming. From our neighborhood block parties to our large, ever-expanding library, we have something to offer to anyone who decides to become a part of our community. We have a progressive school system that is constantly finding ways to offer more to the students and families that are a part of it. The one aspect of the community that I, personally, would love to see evolving is our desire to interconnect and outreach with other communities. I feel that our City Hall does a great job, but we are isolated from the greater Milwaukee- area and surrounding communities. Seeing that Milwaukee is one of the most segregated cities in the United States, I believe we should try to find ways to do outreach events and encourage community-bonding and community-building all around.
Brookfield is the true definition of education and safety. Regarding education, Brookfield students stand among the top students in the state and country. Our education system is incredible here, trust me as I was born and raised in Milwaukee. Brookfield is located on the boundary to New Berlin, one of the safest places in the United States (#72 of the safest places in the country). This is due to the boundaries between Milwaukee, Brookfield & New Berlin. Also, Brookfield is located directly near Elm Grove which is considered one of the most funded percentage wise of security and police forces.
The schools are great academically and athletically. There are lots of activities in the summer to get involved with but during the winter it is a little lacking.
Although there are not too many events that will keep you busy in Brookfield Wisconsin, the schools are incredible and you can ensure the safety of you and your family. Most people are very friendly and it is no hard to make friends with your neighbors. There is also the Elmbrook School District which is the best way to educated any child. The teachers there are compassionate and truly want your children to succeed. I attended K5-12 through Elmbrook Schools and the teachers really prepared me for college.
Great suburb close to city with plenty of shopping and parks. #1 school district in state. Hometown feel with big city amenities. Perfect for families with kids of all ages.
I've grown up in Brookfield most of my life. It is a great city, with lots of recreational activities. It is very family friendly with lots of places to take the kids. Including fairs, petting zoos, parades, outdoor summer pool, and a nearby movie theater. The city is very safe both during the day and at night, the police patrols 24/7.
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I really enjoy living around the Brookfield area. The city is being built up and we are looking forward to the new mall being built off hwy 94. I enjoy the restaurants, shops, and activities around the area.
Very nice suburb with excellent schools. Very safe and fairly close to Miwaukee, so you can live in the suburbs, but still experience city life somewhat and enjoy the perks of having a city close by, like having shopping centers and jobs nearby. Real estate tends to be a bit pricy around there, though.
Brookfield was part of one of the wealthier communities in WI. It was decent enough, but a lot of teens and young adults came from wealth, and were quite spoiled, disillusioned, and rather unfriendly in general. Everything was expensive and housing seemed to be pricey. The area was nice enough though.
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