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Although there are not too many events that will keep you busy in Brookfield Wisconsin, the schools are incredible and you can ensure the safety of you and your family. Most people are very friendly and it is no hard to make friends with your neighbors. There is also the Elmbrook School District which is the best way to educated any child. The teachers there are compassionate and truly want your children to succeed. I attended K5-12 through Elmbrook Schools and the teachers really prepared me for college.
Great suburb close to city with plenty of shopping and parks. #1 school district in state. Hometown feel with big city amenities. Perfect for families with kids of all ages.
I've grown up in Brookfield most of my life. It is a great city, with lots of recreational activities. It is very family friendly with lots of places to take the kids. Including fairs, petting zoos, parades, outdoor summer pool, and a nearby movie theater. The city is very safe both during the day and at night, the police patrols 24/7.
I really enjoy living around the Brookfield area. The city is being built up and we are looking forward to the new mall being built off hwy 94. I enjoy the restaurants, shops, and activities around the area.
Very nice suburb with excellent schools. Very safe and fairly close to Miwaukee, so you can live in the suburbs, but still experience city life somewhat and enjoy the perks of having a city close by, like having shopping centers and jobs nearby. Real estate tends to be a bit pricy around there, though.
Brookfield was part of one of the wealthier communities in WI. It was decent enough, but a lot of teens and young adults came from wealth, and were quite spoiled, disillusioned, and rather unfriendly in general. Everything was expensive and housing seemed to be pricey. The area was nice enough though.
Brookfield Wisconsin, a suburb of Milwaukee, offers a safe place to attend school and live. Because the city is constantly building new shops and places to eat, there is always something to do without having to drive to downtown Milwaukee. The cost of living is reasonable but because the city is a suburb, depending on where you work, the commute may be longer.
There are nice people in the area.
We've had a few run ins with crime in the neighborhood, but overall, nothing too serious and nothing that was discontenting.
The neighborhood residents are not the most friendly and I have had a few experiences with crime in the neighborhood, however, love the house and think that it was a great place to grow up.
I think the police have a very clear presence in our community, but not a harsh, in your face type of presence. We all know they are here to keep the community safe, and I have never had or heard of any problems with the police.
Anyone who knows me will say I'm clearly a city girl. Thus, the necessity of driving and have a car is not one that I love. However, the school district of Elmbrook is fantastic, and the community is pretty good. If you are fine with lots of home time - since everything closes around 9 - then Brookfield is the place for you.
Very safe area. Not many crimes, if any, reported in the cul-de-sac. The police are rarely visible but are easily reached.
I loved living in this house. The neighbors were friendly and the location was ideal for kids growing up. The only bad thing was the train in the back yard, but you get used to it.
Milwaukee is a diverse area, but like minded enough where the majority of people can accept one another for all their differences and weaknesses. I am proud of my hometown and area.
Brookfield is overall a great place to live. There's a great school district, places to eat, live and do. Although it's expensive, Brookfieldnis a great suburb.
Generally positive. Brookfield is safe but not too diverse. My private school is excellent.
This area seems pretty safe to me
There are plenty of parks near by. Depending on where you are, they are in walk/biking distance.
The Panera in Brookfield is very nice
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