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The only time of the year when Vermont has any great number of tourists is during foliage season just before the leaves loose all their leaves.
All the local restaurants are somewhat expensive with the exception of the disease inducing fast food places. There are very few Vegetarian/Vegan options (and as a vegan I find this annoying and somewhat disturbing).
Vermont is one of the best places to go to spend time in nature. There are a number of mountains to climb, a number of trails, many state parks and lakes. Everything is kept clean and free of waste and provided you have properly prepared for the outdoors, there is always a good to time to be had there.
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If you can afford a house there are houses around which can be bought/mortgaged and they usually come with 2-3 acres of property.
The people here aren't super diverse but everyone is kind and helpful and reliable.
This is a great place to live with/raise a family. Not a great place to live and advance your career.
In a rural area such as this people know each other through some means or another and have frequently helped one another with some project or event that needed to be done. Everyone knows everyone else at town meeting day and the decisions made reflect the best interests of the town's people. Most people who live here have lived hear most of or all of their lives and aren't likely to be moving any time soon.
All of the crimes in the area are drug related and besides the occasional pot bust and minor property theft (for drug money) the crime in the area is mostly nonexistent.
Most of the local businesses are small family run operations. As such, buying goods in town is a bit more expensive than going to the nearest walmart or shaw's supermarket.
The commuter rail and bus systems here are dismal at best. The easiest way to travel locally is by car. Long distance travel can easily be done through the airport in Burlington, or the bus or train in White River.
Living in such a rural, mountainous area, you are driving a minimum of 15 minutes on fairly nasty roads before you get to the local supermarket, gas station, hospital, etc. Commuting to work for most people is at least a 20 minute affair and many people have multiple jobs in an effort to make ends meet. This leaves very little time to actually exercise and because of the slightness of people's pay checks, the food we can afford is not always the healthiest.
There definitely are not enough jobs available for college students and those that are available don't pay nearly well enough to cover the expenses of being a full-time student.
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