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I moved to Brookfield in 2014 with my girlfriend at the time, now who is my wife. We live off of the main road which consists of many different restaurants, bars, shops and businesses. The variety of different businesses makes Brookfield a one stop shop for any of your needs. The town is filled with a lot of pride for their schools and their athletics mainly football. Brookfield is within minutes of different train stations that have direct access to New York City and within driving range to the New York boarder. I consider Brookfield to be a well rounded town to live in.
Brookfield is a town located in northern Fairfield County, Connecticut, United States in the southern foothills of the Berkshire Mountains. The population was 16,487 at the 2010 census.[1] Brookfield was first settled in 1710 by John Muirwood, as well as other colonial founders including Hawley, Peck and Merwin. They bartered for the land from the Wyantenuck Nation and the Pootatuck nation who were ruled under the Sachem Waramaug and Pocono.
There aren't sidewalks, the library needs work, too many Mexican restaurants, and way too many furniture stores. There isn't much to do in the town. If you want to do anything, you have to go outside of the town.
Lived Here for over 10 Years love the people and the family atmosphere. Been a firefighter in the town for over 6 years.
I enjoy the close knit community aspect of Brookfield. I enjoy being geographically close to my friends and to the lake, a great communal area. There are many community organizations and activities that bring the town together. Schools and businesses are supportive of local students and families.
The town, because it is so small, is largely commercial with few small businesses and little entertainment. Most people who live in brookfield work in the surrounding areas and while it is local for most necessities, most activities and engagements are held outside of town.
Brookfield is small town. there is not much to do, but it is close to danbury. its a quiet town. good to raise a family
never heard of any crimes in this area. once my car door was opened and things were moved around, but they did not take anything
Its very nice. Its quiet, all the houses have yards. and its close to the bigger town of danbury. very easy to get to from route 7 or federal road. its not out of the way, but it feels that way.
There is relatively no crime, maybe local teenage trespassing or parties may occur, but nothing that stimulates fear in the community.
I would live here again but there is a lack of diversity which I think definitely skews peoples perspective on the rest of the world. despite this, It is safe and beautiful town.
Police are very reliable and help us all the time
Brookfield is definitely a fantastic place. A lot of great people live in this area and the school system here gives everyone the opportunity to succeed which is very rare to see in a school system because a lot of neighboring towns and cities do not care about their students like Brookfield does.
Brookfield is an area that is very under the radar in terms of crime. Residents typically can feel very safe and secure as most people know one another and suspicious activity can be reported quite easily. I have never personally had any issues or run ins with the police in over 10 years of living in Brookfield.
My hometown is a place I cherish deeply as it represents to me a community of people who are truly in unison with each other. My hometown has a unique way of coming together to support every member of the community in their ambitions. Never have I ventured to another town and found such a family as in Brookfield. It's a blessing to know if I ever was struggling that I would have such a large and welcoming safety net. Brookfield enables the individual as the public school system and athletics offered continue to thrive. There was great truth in Brookfield being ranked the 26th best small town to live in last year. As much as can be said for the positive, I give Brookfield 4 stars because I know crime still exists and there is always margins for improvement. I hope to not promote complacency with this review of my hometown, but motivate the residents to continue to uphold what it means to live in Brookfield, Connecticut.
There are is a variety of homes in a variety of price ranges. We are starting to see more new construction, and although prices have started to rise they are still a pretty good deal. Most people keep their properties well maintained and attractive.
This is a beautiful area. High level of great people live here our churches are active, and we two beautiful lakes on either border of this community.
Our police chief has amazing credentials, and the police force cares about the community and are visible at the schools and public functions to develop a positive relationship with community members and students.
The are many amazing and caring people in this community and schools. Our high school is very well regarded for a small public school and my children have been well prepared for the colleges they enrolled in (MIT and Cornell). The and the community are just the right size, not so large that you get lost in the shuffle, but not so small you live under a microscope.
There are very few concerns about safety in town and there isn't too much of a need for concern. The police are responsive in the rare case of an emergency and they are also reliable in the education of the kids about public safety and other related issues.
This area is great to grow up in as there is a large sense of community and many opportunities for involvement in many different sports and activities. There are plenty of grocery stores as well as specialty stores. There is a sense of community mostly revolving around the high school and their athletics. Unfortunately, for teenagers there is very little to do in the town there than eat.
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