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Great town to live in with outstanding public schools. Downtown area could use more retail and less service businesses. Great selection of restaurants and easily accessible from the main thoroughfares. Home of Brookfield Zoo. The Chicago zoological society is recognized worldwide for their cooperation in working with wildlife conversation. Outstanding educational family experience. Outstanding food selections and a great team of volunteers to guide you through your visit. A truly hidden gem. Future home of a new library that falls in the 7 million range. I would rate this as a great zoo that is consistently upgrading exhibits and park areas. 15 minute drive to downtown Chicago makes it a great town to live in.
A family friendly town with great schools, access to public transportation and major highways, home to many restaurants, churches and parks. Nice homes.
Brookfield has good ratings for its schools and downtown area. There you can find some restaurants, an ice cream shop, bars and a nail salon. It would be nice to see Brookfield add more for teen life in the downtown area.
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Quiet and peaceful town, however, there's not much to do. Shop and stores are a bit far and suitable for someone who want a quiet life and does not go out often. There's some good restaurants in the city but it is not a place for those who likes going out a lot.
Brookfield was a great town to grow up in! It is only nine miles away from downtown Chicago and very close to the two many highways that go in and out of the city. It is surrounded by other cute suburbs that have many food attractions.
Brookfield is a nice and clean little town. The community members are friendly and welcoming to new residents.After moving here a short while ago I can already tell that there are great schools and lots of activities for children and teens. Brookfield has a large selection of delicious restaurants to eat at any time of the day.
Brookfield is a wonderful town to live in. It is a family oriented community and there are plenty of activities within the town.
26 years of bliss living in this wooded area surrounded and spattered with trails and river side boat or kayak launches, parks, farmers markets and so much more. A stones throw to Chicago Loop and farmland due west. Spectacular Zoo, festivities , parades and people. Sad to leave but must. Hope someone special takes over my Rockefeller home that has been like a vacation home and life, inside with plaster cacooned walls and a breezy tree swingason outside......bye bye Hollywood.....the heart of Chicago to me💚
Although Brookfield is a nice neighborhood to live in regarding location and people, Brookfield hasn't seem to adapted in anyway to be more advanced and is stuck looking like a town that is over 100 years old. The neighborhood seems to be separated into two different neighborhoods that don't represent the same beliefs.
Its a very peaceful place to be and not to far away from the city. I've been living here for a little more than a year and been commuting from home to school at the station. I enjoy the look and feel of the town, its a nice place to live.
Brookfield is a great suburb to live in. It is close to Chicago, all major forms of transportation, and has easy access to everywhere.
Reasonably priced houses and enough places to keep you busy. Not the prettiest place I've ever lived but it's got that Chicago charm to it. There's a ton of great food in Brookfield and in surrounding areas. Can't go wrong with the zoo either. Can't speak for RB but LTHS is a fantastic school.
There are many things to enjoy about Brookfield, Il. One is that it is a friendly town thats not too small. You are allowed a degree of privacy while still seeing many people you know around town. There is also a good "downtown" area. Brookfield has a downtown area that is not shared by any other villages. The downtown area attracts all demographics between the classy breweries and the ice-cream shops. The schools are well funded and provide a great education. We are also just a few train stops away from larger downtown areas like Lagrange Illinois and about half an hour train ride to Chicago's train station. This makes Brookfield a great location as the train runs through the neighborhood. We also have the Brookfield Zoo right in our back yard. We also have many forrest preserves and the DesPlaines river quite close which allows for good bike rides and kayaking trips. All in all, it's a nice town bustling with life that maintains its small town coziness.
Brookfield is a nice town and I’m glad my parents raised me here. That being said, it is not very diverse. The schools I went to were great and most people in the town are friendly. The downtown area is really nice with cool restaurants.
Brookfield was a great place to grow up. There are a lot of things to do and new restaurants opening up to make everything better. Great location by the zoo as we as metra to get around.
Brookfield has a lot to offer to the community. With fun activities and events, there is always something happening in Brookfield. Its safe and welcoming community attracts a variety of people.
Brookfield is a fairly nice suburb to live in. The public schools are good and there is a short commute to Chicago. The taxes are decent.
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Close proximity to Chicago makes Brookfield a solid location for living in the suburbs and working in the city.

Public schools are generally considered below average. Students may have difficulty when making the step from Lincoln/Washington school to Lyons Township High School.
I like my neighborhood a lot. Very quiet and lots of local places to enjoy. What I would like to see is less trees getting cut down and more trees planted. I don't think our community has a lot of interest in planting. I think that should change
I love that we are less than a mile to the Metra, restaurants, bars, yoga, grocery store, library, pharmacy, bank, we have it all within walking distance. Easy commute to downtown via Metra, I-55 or 290 too.
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