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I love that we are less than a mile to the Metra, restaurants, bars, yoga, grocery store, library, pharmacy, bank, we have it all within walking distance. Easy commute to downtown via Metra, I-55 or 290 too.
I've lived in Brookfield my entire life. I've seen it change a lot over the years, yet somehow it remains the same. I'd love to see some chain restaurants to help bring money into this village. It has potential, it just needs time and work!
Generally a great place to live. The nearby parks and trails are amazing. Could use a little more variety in restaurants and some work on the roads. Otherwise, people are friendly and there are a lot of trees and some nice local places to shop and hang out.
I would like to see some of the roads improved but overall I am very satisfied living in Brookfield.
Taxes are very high, school system is very good! Downtown area could use more development but the Zoo is a great attraction for the town
There isn't as much crime.
There is a lot wild life around the area.
There have been a few robberies, but everything is protected and maintained well enough. I don't feel in danger when I leave my house.
It's a perfectly fine place to live. Plenty of places to go in walking distance, and public transportation runs nearby. Nothing drastic happens too often, but nothing spectacular either. There's nothing to complain about, and anything you'd want to get to is bound to be around.
Really good small town to grow up in. Been here for as long as I've lived and I can't imagine a better place to grow up. I've had so many opportunities here with school and extracurriculars.
I have never felt unsafe and have always loved living here
There are very very few vacant or abandoned properties. The cost of housing is low-medium to medium class and usually the houses can be super nice or mediocre homes.
People tend to live in the area for a really long time and usually stay here until they get older and have grandchildren and its really nice to see that. Many of the people have pets and children.
On the other part of the area its a little worse. But for the most part, the crime rate is low.
love the atmosphere and the community as a whole
This is a great neighborhood if you like quiet and not much going on. There are not many local businesses but if you drive a mile you will find plenty. No crime I am aware of so I generally feel safe and secure.
Its a nice area and there is a lot to do with great police coverage.
Brookfield is a very community involved town.
Occasional spikes in crime have occurred, but whenever that is the case the local police forces, quickly knock that down. They want nothing but a safe environment for the community.
Many places are hiring. Although, it's not perfect pay it is something. Many teenagers can now have gas money and extra pocket change.
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