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I moved to Brook Park almost two years ago, and my experience has been great! My neighbors are so friendly, and there are lots of people close to my age around me. I love that there are many stores close to my house, which is very convenient. The city of Brook Park works hard to make sure it is kept safe and clean.
Brook Park is a nice, safe and friendly place to live. Everything is close including shopping, church and highways. Schools are rated good with good community services.
Brook Park has been my hometown for the past seven years. I had graduated from High School in this city at Midpark High School. I have been involved in recreational athletics during my High School years and now during my College Years I have been a volunteer Youth Athletics Coach for the past three years in football, basketball, and softball. When I think of Brook Park I think of a friendly suburb of Cleveland, Ohio that is a welcoming town to anyone who would like to be a part of this city. I am involved in the politics within this city and am now a newly member of the Brook Park Boosters club as well. I have invested myself and time into this city because I love living here and I would always recommend it to anyone who is looking for a new place to call home.
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My family and I moved to the city of Brookpark from Parma hts because the school district for our children was in poor condition. Brookpark(Berea) city schools have helped my child success in the educational strength and built them up from the struggles they had. The city itself is a place my family and I have found to be our home.
Haven't heard a lot about crime issues, so I can't say it's bad. I haven't felt unsafe in the area and police are fairly present.
The school district (Berea City Schools) is better than some, but needs more funding. The district attempts to pass more levies for this every year, but has not succeeded yet. The current mayor of Brookpark is less than desirable and competent, even shut down a fire station and the rec center most recently.
I always feel safe walking the streets around here
I have enjoyed watching my children grow up here
I hear of some crimes but they are not extreme.
if I could move out of this area I would.
probably could be better when looking at surrounding cities
this area compared to other areas around here is perfectly average
It very good just a few troubled kids in the area but that every city.
I love my city and neighborhood just feel like we can be better.
I have lived here my whole life so it is okay.
It's a nice place to grow up in, but I would not want to spent the rest of my life here. It's safe, and there is a lot of things for kids to do, but for an adult it is rather boring.
I live in an average neighborhood. There is nothing flashy about it, but at the same time it is not a bad neighborhood.
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The temperatures can be very cold in the winter.
The employment opportunity is average.
There is a variety of restaurants to choose from. Taco Bell, Rally's, McDonalds, Arby's, KFC, Burger King as well as family restaurants.
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