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Aesthetically, Bronxville is quite lovely. The store fronts are attractive, the streets are clean, and the numerous parks are well-maintained and easily accessible. What is more, the architecture in old Bronxville is truly stunning. I really enjoy being able to walk through residential areas and admire the many beautiful estates. I also appreciate the relative safety that Bronxville provides. I almost never feel unsafe walking to and from the town. That being said, some of the town's residents have been openly hostile towards Sarah Lawrence Students, myself included. The students of color in particular have experienced numerous incidents of overt racism and the town's officials have done little to counter discriminatory sentiments in the residential populace.
Bronxville is the perfect niche for college students or college graduates looking for a warm, cozy and quiet place to lay their heads. Look no further than the metro north down the street to get you the livest city in the world in less than 30 minutes. Now, let's talk about the foodies this place is boasting with awesome small eateries that will be sure satisfy your palate from italian to mexican you name it. If you are looking to a grab a cold beer, listen to some tunes and just chill for the night without the train ride to the city head over to Maggie Spillanes Pub. This place has great bar food and a great atmosphere, not to mention during the summer they have an awesome open rooftop so the party can continue. Bronxville is the best of both worlds, the truth is this little Lower Westchester County village packs a punch!
Many families in this area are very wealthy. Homes have large yards, and are large and beautiful.
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We have pretty moderate weather in this area. We can get a good amount of snowfall in the winter, or occasionally the outskirts of a hurricane. The worst problem is flooding because of the backup from a nearby river.
Definitely four seasons, however Bronxville is built on a pond (back in the early 1900's), so there have been multiple instances of major flooding at the school and in the neighboring houses.
Nothing to complain about. I like our elected officials and the police and fire stations are extremely responsive and helpful.
The community is why I came back to live here. It is very family and pet friendly. All the neighbors know each other and spend time together.
Sometimes you hear of incidents of drunk driving or reckless driving, but that happens in every town.
Rent in storefront properties is incredibly high, so there are a lot of empty shops on the main streets. Not a lot of new businesses have come in, but those that have have seen some great success.
Bronxville is incredibly safe. Everyone knows each other and trusts their neighbors.
Parks are great and well cared for, but there aren't too many that are public.
People aren't incredibly friendly to people who are visiting to shop from neighboring communities. That being said, there are some great events that happen in the town that are free and fun!
Local businesses are great, but we're missing hardware stores and gas stations.
The local stores employ people from out of time (except for a handful of shops). However, people who live in Bronxville tend to work in NYC given the short commute - so they make a lot of money.
People are incredibly fit and use all kinds of fitness clubs accessible to them. However, given the "work-hard, play-hard" mentality in the town, a lot of people drink a lot of alcohol or use recreational drugs.
Beautiful homes in Bronxville. Many homes quickly sell and are filled with young families. Lots range in size but are not built one on top of the other.
No "nightlife" per se, but a few fun and local crowd bars and great restaurants. You have everything from amazing sushi to burgers and fries!
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