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I have lived here my whole life and I strongly enjoy it and would recommend living here to anyone.
I live ten minutes from town and I live in the country and I love the nature and the peace.
Cost of living couldbe improved but its not terribly expensive, managable.
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Jobs are available in the area but more jobs could be of use. Not great pay, but enough to live by.
While not listed, there are a few good attractions in the area that bring in a lot of good for the community. Cedar Point and the local drag strip Summit Motorsports Park. I would highly recommend coming for a visit! A guaranteed good time!
very cold winters but we have 4 seasons love it
not much traffic, nice people but cold winters but love the seasons
people really take care of their property in the rural areas
not to many parks but a really rural area
its getting better the fitness around here
not to much to choose from
unemployment is very high or we just have alot of lazy people feeding off the government
not really close to an airport no buses and one train
people are very friendly here and mostly related
We feel safe in this area with a pretty good police force
Not really any good restruants around.
Tourist can visit Cedar Point the worlds greatest amusement park. It is located about 20 minutes from Norwalk and is on the shores of Lake Erie. They can also visit the Lake Erie Islands such as Put-in-Bay and Kelley's. We also have Norwalk raceway where fans can go a least 5-6 times during the summer months.
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