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I love the community because of how everyone comes together at hard times. For the most part everyone gets along with each other and are willing to help out each other. My experience has been great here because it has taught me how to treat others and taught me what it's like to be a great community member.
Crime isnt very high in my area, and of course that is a great thing
I love living in a small town, although everyone knows of everyone. I feel like we all have a sense of respect towards each other and I would love continuing to live here, its a great environment with a great school district as well.
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With the exception of a few massive downpours or fantastic snow days, the weather around here is most often pleasant and enjoyable.
For the most part, people are very sedentary in their jobs, so new jobs rather rarely come up. Summer jobs and part-time work could be more noticeably advertised, but for the larger part of the time, job hunting is not an overly complicated endeavor.
I enjoy the wildlife and nature of my area immensely. Living in a small town makes everything very accessible and the nature of the area is peaceful and, at the best of times, enchanting even.
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