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I was raised in Brockton and can say I appreciate the diverse environment I experience going to Brockton Highschool. A change I would like to see in Brockton is more funding towards are public school system.
I love the diversity in Brockton. It holds people from all walks of life. I would like to see more of an effort to cut down on crime and drugs.
Very Cultured city, great places to eat food from around the world. Not high end but filled with flavor. Not much to do around here but once in a while things pop up like, the Brockton fair, or the Lebanese Festival
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the city is not at all as bad as the news and word of mouth makes it seem, there are plenty of good hard working people but just as anywhere in the world there are a few bad eggs who make the rest of the people look bad. lived here all my life and never had any issues with violence or theft.
Brockton is a community you hear a lot about violence , but like come on where isn't there any violence. Brockton is my community and i stand up for my community.

Brockton has GREAT education , ranked top school in MA. We are the champs !
Brockton needs to be cleaned up. We need healthier neighborhoods and more opportunities for family outings and events.
My experience with Brockton is very positive. It's the first city i lived when i first came to the USA. It's a diverse community,where immigrants can find help to essaylly transition from another country to Massachusetts. They have good transportation system. The cost of living is not that expensive. But the level of poverty is high and the safety is low specially at night. But other than that is a nice city.
Brockton is a small town filled with liquor stores, unhealthy fast food places , and small business. The roads are all chewed up with pot holes that will leave you feeling like your on a ride at Disney world. The people are nice and caring and deserve more than this. Health stores to uplift the health in this town would be great, it would also get visitors to visit because brockton was voted top ten towns not to visit in Massachusetts.
Ever since I moved to Brockton in 2001 I never thought I would be able to adapt to change after leaving Boston. But I am proud to say that Brockton is my real home. Although it had its ups and downs the friends I made in the city no matter where we were we always keep in contact and keep our friendship alive. Going to Brockton High School was a dramatic experience for me because all my life I've went to private schools and that high school actually taught me a lot of things especially the teachers that work so hard to help students succeed. I thank my 10th Grade English teacher for teaching me how to fully answer a question when writing an essay. He helped become a little more prepared for college too.
My experience living in Brockton is a tough one, but yet it encourages me to get out. I don't come from a wealthy family, so I face daily struggles. I always tend to always think positive. I have heard over the years how unsafe it is to live here, I believe that is incorrect. I believe that if I keep a well educated company, I shall succeed.
Over all my family and I have had an excellent experience living here. The school system is second to none and has been written up in the New York times on several occasions.

My children have been on the honor roll for many years and they have terrific opportunities for sports and college choices in their futures.
Brockton is a quite diverse town, as it seems that all walks of life spanning from every corner of the world to every age group live here. I would have to say that the accessibility to a good job and furthering my career in the healthcare field is what attracts me most to this town, as many employers are looking for qualified Nursing applicants and healthcare professionals and have every intention of staying here to further my career.
The roads are a mess. I like the new mayor he has change a lot when it comes to plowing the snow and making home owners shovel their sidewalk
Brockton is a great city with a bad reputation. Most of the citizens in this community are hard working, family oriented, people.
Brockton is not a bad area to live in. It is overhyped as a city due to it being surrounded by multiple suburbs. the crime is as you would expect in any city. thriving haitian and cape verdean community
Overall, it's a good city to live in and like every other place, it have areas That are deemed more at risk than others. The city does a decent job at keeping it clean, garbage is picked up on time and most roads are maintained.
Brockton does have potential, but as of now its no where close to it. The safety, well there not much safety at all. there are many drug addicts that just walk around the city center. Really gives it a bad view, even though all the overdose cant be hidden.
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I like the diversity that the city of Brockton offers, however, I would like to see more activities offered for youths at affordable prices.
Brockton is a very diverse community. It has all sorts of religions, ethnicities, languages, and backgrounds. And one of the worst parts about Brockton is that there is trash and litter everywhere you look. It is unhealthy and is hurting the environment. Also, the water drains on the streets are filled with trash and dirt, and the city doesn't have the budget anymore to clean them so when it rains, the water has no place to go on the roads except for a few clean drains, if you're lucky. And the very worst thing about Brockton that needs to be turned around as soon as humanly possible, is the huge amount of homeless people on the streets. Brockton has one of the highest numbers of homeless residents in the state. We need to find them homes, warmth, food, safety, and jobs. We need to worry about our people and take care of them because they are just like you and I but with less money and more heart.
What I like about Brockton is it is very diverse. With people of many backgrounds and from many different places. The public transportation is great, and reliable. We have out own mall thats attracts people from surrounding towns. Brockton only has one public high school
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