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Brockton is not a bad area to live in. It is overhyped as a city due to it being surrounded by multiple suburbs. the crime is as you would expect in any city. thriving haitian and cape verdean community
Overall, it's a good city to live in and like every other place, it have areas That are deemed more at risk than others. The city does a decent job at keeping it clean, garbage is picked up on time and most roads are maintained.
Brockton does have potential, but as of now its no where close to it. The safety, well there not much safety at all. there are many drug addicts that just walk around the city center. Really gives it a bad view, even though all the overdose cant be hidden.
I like the diversity that the city of Brockton offers, however, I would like to see more activities offered for youths at affordable prices.
Brockton is a very diverse community. It has all sorts of religions, ethnicities, languages, and backgrounds. And one of the worst parts about Brockton is that there is trash and litter everywhere you look. It is unhealthy and is hurting the environment. Also, the water drains on the streets are filled with trash and dirt, and the city doesn't have the budget anymore to clean them so when it rains, the water has no place to go on the roads except for a few clean drains, if you're lucky. And the very worst thing about Brockton that needs to be turned around as soon as humanly possible, is the huge amount of homeless people on the streets. Brockton has one of the highest numbers of homeless residents in the state. We need to find them homes, warmth, food, safety, and jobs. We need to worry about our people and take care of them because they are just like you and I but with less money and more heart.
What I like about Brockton is it is very diverse. With people of many backgrounds and from many different places. The public transportation is great, and reliable. We have out own mall thats attracts people from surrounding towns. Brockton only has one public high school
Born and raised in the city of Brockton, it has been a wonderful experience. Making the best of it's resources and making it safer everyday.
Brockton has gotten a bad reputation over the years, but is over comping that stereotype!
The school system is second to none! Being such a diverse city, you get to meet people with different customs, cultures and ideas. This definitely helps you to be a well-rounded individual.
Brockton, Massachusetts overall has been good to me. Throughout my childhood, teen years, and even now: my young adulthood, I have had wonderful experiences. Also, the people that I met along the way have been pleasurable. For example, the public schools are awesome, even Massasoit community college, hidden in the east! My teachers and professors (the good and the bad ones) all have inspired me in some way to be one. Brockton is a hidden gem with abundant opportunity (the city of champions). However, I do wish there were higher sidewalks, and brighter street lights.
A city with loads of diversity, amazing schools, and great history! This town has been my home since I was young, and I recommend many to live here out of the city.
A good area so far. Cold weather and fewer crimes depending on which side you live in. Buying houses are expensive, but i love how the buses go around the city. One thing i also love is the westgate mall. It's a great shopping experience.
Easy selections. Better if you could select half of a star. Option to answer more questions instead of writing review. My review should not have to be at least 100+ characters, however it should be shortened to at least 30 - 50 characters because its what I think and not something you want a person to make to fill up character space with irrelevant remarks.
It's not safe to raise children here. Certainly not to send them to school. I would rather live in Canton.
I see a community that is united in supporting education and the kids in the community. The kids are able to play outside in the area and feel safe in their own neighborhoods.
I found my experience extremely helpful and easy. This was informative and I enjoyed putting my input on my community onto this website. I think that it is awesome that we have the ability to enter our ratings which allows other people to benefit from the information.
Living here has been okay for me. What I like about Brockton is its diversity and also the many activities held here for all ages, whether it's sports, organizations, etc. I also love the fact that I get to attend a Level 1 school, Brockton High. I was also grateful to attend Davis K-8 for my middle school years (6th-8th), which helped me prep well for MCAS and ongoing high school. Overall, though I will be moving out of the state sometime around my college years, I'm happy to be a Brockton Boxer, to live in the city of champions and to be able to get a great education at a level one school.
Bad drug problem in this area.
As a high school student in Brockton, I'm thankful for the academic opportunities the public schools supply. It's a very comforting city to live in, seeing representation of all types of cultures and disciplines. The experience is unprecedented and there is a great tolerance and advocacy for those of minorities. The only struggle is the lack of funds the state supplies us, but the city works around it because we're the city of champions after all! We refuse to back down, we take no L's.
It's a very nice quiet neighborhood.
There are crimes all over the country some worst than others . There are things that happen in Brockton such as friends killing each other or enemies etc . However , it is not an everyday thing . And there are cops almost everywhere, that are keeping an eye on the neighborhood .Where I live i have not heard or seen anything wrong . I have had my tires slashed once from who knows who / and also my radio stolen but hey ! I am sure that happens other places as well not just Brockton . I paid to fix my radio and my tires I did not pursue anyone even though we could have sent the camera tape to the cops . It only happen once and It have not happened again . I try to protect myself by coming home early however sometimes I stay later at school , and I come a bit late but nothing have ever happen to me as I am entering my house . Its not the best but its also not the worse.
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