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I was born & raised in Brockton & still reside here. Despite being a large city, it is a place where everyone knows everyone & are attached by their deep city roots. It is "The City of Champions" where Marvelous Marvin Hagler & Rocky Marciano were born & raised. We were also know as The Shoe City. City pride tends to be passed on from generation to generation. I still live in the neighborhood I grew up in & my daughter attends the elementary school where I went.There is an amazing amount of community support, from churches to the schools. There is a vast cultural diversity here in Brockton where people are always having public festivities to share their heritage. I love this city, education is rated amongst the best in the country. However, in the last few years,crime has increased & has begun to deter people from staying causing several to move . It is us true Brocktonians, who share the love of this city &who will continue to fight to keep this beautiful historic city intact.
Not too good and not too bad. Typical city with city problems. Great hospitals that are affiliated with Boston Hospitals and a greasy hospital based nursing school
Brockton is a multicultural city that welcomes and accepts all people of different backgrounds. Brockton doesn't have a good variety of restaurants and nightlife but does have about every kind of grocery store you can find, even a CV market named Vincente's. Brockton is great for the real estate, as there are a lot of houses in the market here.
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I was raised in Brockton. I would like to see more job opportunities, less crime, more afforable living, and more family friendly.
Brockton is extremely diverse and the people are very friendly. There are a lot of great family owned restaurants that are much better than the chains that are around.
Brockton is a violent place. It has been my home for many years. Even though i attended school here my whole life, it would have been a better experience going to school in a different town.
The City of Champs, Shoe City and Broketown our a few names they give the city i live in. If your into drugs and violince Brockton can be a very hard place to live. People who work and do good will see Brockton as a good place to live. Brockton has a great high school where you meet people from all over the world. The city is very diverse.
quiet affordable property not to far from Boston mbta and BAT bus to commute but school system is horrible
Brockton has been my home since I was born . Which gives me mixed emotions. I live in a great area of the city. Close to shopping mall, supermarkets, and the highway . I feel safe and for the most part, am happy with the school system . Crime however is at an all time high and the drug epidemic is hitting our city hard.
Brockton is considered a small city and has a long history, once well known for the shoe factory. It is very diverse in culture and used to be a beautiful city. Lots have changed! I hope so the city will rebuild to reflect what it used to be.
I've been living in Brockton all my life and it's honestly been a great experience. I've met friends I will know for a life time and everybody know something everybody. What I would like to see change is the education system and the roads being fixed.
I've lived in Brockton before. As a renter and now as a homeowner. The neighborhood and streets you choose makes a huge difference in quality of life
Brockton isn't the safest place around, but it truly depend aon where you live. I went to Cardibal Spellman, and I enjoyed that school, and I live near quite a few stores, and I think that Brockton definitely offers some opportunities other towns don't.
my overall experience with brockton have been great. its a friendly community, great public schools.
Brockton could be a great place to reside if the violence rate goes down. Would also benefit from making more job opportunities. But as one, the community is great at coming together when needed to support each other through the good and bad times
Living in Brockton Ma has its ups and downs. For starters some areas in Brockton could be very quit and family orientend while some parts you feel like you're in the heart of Boston.
There are some nice people in Brockton; however, it has a lot of crime and is not the safest city. I would not raise a family here.
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Brockton right now is a city full of talent, but its filled with poisonous people. Its a unsafe environment. To many closed-minded people. If the city actually knuckles up we can put this city on the map.
I like how easy it is to access places. I'm not a fan of all of the drama and violence that has been taking place.
Brockton is the city of champions and I'm proud to call this my home. There is a mall and several other things to do here comparable to neighboring cities. The general atmosphere has declined over the years, but I'm sure will pick back up with time.
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