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Great school district to be connected with. Supports all extra curricular activities whether they be sports, music, or theatre related. Faculty love to see their students strive and are overly invested. Political views seem to play a role at times due to the small town vibe. The Brockport college makes it feel overly busy and crowded, however the school provides services to the townspeople like the gym, skating rink, and the pool. Great local businesses down Main Street including Lift Bridge! And there's a Wegmans. The Seymour library is also a plus.
I love the small town of Brockport. It is a great village to go to school in. Also the community is wonderful with all the small businesses.
The Village at Brockport has allowed me to grow as a person. Living here for eight years and attending The College at Brockport has given me experience in various areas, both educationally and professionally. The town's opportunities are endless if they are taken advantage of. Main Street offers pizza joints, coffee shops, antique stores and a movie theatre, which exists in a building that has been standing since 1907. The college offers many events for fun and for furthering oneself professionally. The town and college are linked closely. One thing no one could survive without is food. There are many grocery stores located both in walking distance from the main village and at the convenience for passerbyers. The most intriguing is the history in Brockport, which can be displayed both on campus in the archives, or in the village where museums and local stores proudly hold information.
It's a great little college town on the Erie Canal. its a decent mix of families and college kids most of the year. There's more "low income housing" than there used to be and more are being built nearby. The weather is only nice may-sept and then it's grey and cold the rest of the year. There's a serious increase in drug problems, mainly involving heroin. The police force for Brockport is unnecessary and give out the most tickets in our county. There's some businesses opening but not too many employment opportunities.
There isn't much crime that i know of and the police are great. They are very responsive, patient and kind.
The town is small and the atmosphere is friendly in most parts. I definitely hate the weather but it was expected when I decided to go to college here and stay on campus. I see the area remaining the same in the future as there is not much that needs to change.
I love living in Brockport it's a small college town with some things to do but within a short drive of a lot of other posibilities. There are plenty of places to live and everywhere I've lived so far has been overall a good experience. There are plenty of places to shop and a few bars and restaurants. It's located right on the Erie Canal which is nice to walk,run or bike on.
I feel pretty safe in this area even when walking at night, but certain areas can get a little rowdy due to drunken college kids.
In most areas it's ok, but it's more than possible to turn down a street and wonder where all the 'good' houses went. Living near the college will be quite a bit noisier than if you live even a few more minutes away.
It gets COLD, and it gets cold FAST. Very windy - the way the streets are set up seems to funnel the winds so they're even stronger. Make sure you have water proof or resistant coats, and boots are an absolute must, both for rain and snow. Absolutely trust me on this, YOU NEED BOOTS!
There's a lot of pizza shops around, and most of them are open pretty late. Burrito Fresco is a great option if you're looking for something else. There are several bars on main street, but they may not be for everyone.
It's a college town, so competition can be fierce and no one seems to pay more than minimum wage no matter how much experience you have.
There are a number of mom-and-pop shops on Main Street, but it's still easy to get to big companies. You can get just about anything quite close by.
There are many gyms in the area as well as tracks for running. The SUNY college here has a state of the art athletic facility that is open for the public to purchase memberships. There is an urgent care and hospital in town. I use the college facility to stay fit. There are some obese people in the area, but not more than half.
The new park, Sweden Town Park, has many fields for all different kinds of sports. There are also trails for hiking and disk golf stations set up in the woods. There are other trails that can be accessed by horseback.
This is a good area for people to live if they like all of the seasons. However, the winter's can be especially brutal so having a car that is good in the snow is a must.
Jimmy Z's is in the town and open late on the weekends. This is great for the people that have been partying or leave the bars late and want good food.
Many of the jobs are minimum wage as they are at fast food restaurants or retail stores. A lot of college or high school students have these jobs/ There are a lot of banks in the area with jobs for people that have had more education than high school. Most adults commute out of the area.
A lot of the businesses have made themselves appealing to the college students living in the area. It is good because it allows the towns-people to interact in the same areas as the college students.
The atmosphere is great. A small friendly town that everyone can get together in. The amenities may be small but the cost of most things here make up for it. I see Brockport getting bigger and bigger everyday, more shops open up all the time.
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