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It's a nice and quiet suburban area. Not much happens around here but it's the best place I know to move to. They are an ample amount of schools and bus stops that make it convenient for both parents and kids. I've lived in Brock Hall for 12 and a half years and so far everything is great. There's plenty of space to enjoy the outdoors and bike riding is safe and adventurous because of the scarce amount of cars coming by. The only downside to Brock Hall would have to be how long it takes to get to a plaza or mall. The quickest one is about 7 minutes away and it can be a real drag if you are trying to quickly get something in the night knowing how long it would take. Overall it's a great place to live and everybody is very friendly.
I as mentioned previously the only time my family and I ever experienced a break -in was back in 2010. Neither of us were hurt because it happened when nobody was at home.
Since moving to Brock hall Manor I have really enjoyed the solitude of the environment. My family and I were greeted well by neighbors and since moving here I have never felt unsafe. The only time we had a break-in experience was back in 2010 and that was six years ago.
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Just another neighborhood in Maryland.
The area is safe for the most part. Going places at night may seem terrifying but police are always present.
I've lived in this area for 12+ years and can say that the overall quality of life is okay. As a student, I can say that the schooling system is not so great academically, but students leave high school and know how to build connections and adapt to their environments wherever they go. Violence is fair, not too often do crimes occur. The general atmosphere is decent. Virtually everyone is friendly which I find to be very important in a community.
Most of the houses are within 15 years old. New houses are being erected in a nearby neighborhood. There may only be a few abandoned or foreclosed homes in a nearby neighborhood but not in our immediate one.
Many folks pick-up their pet's debris and stool. Most neighbors attend the local, community events, such as health fairs, etc.
I feel safe a majority, if not, all the time. Policemen live in my neighborhood.
This is a good area to raise a family, not a lot of crime and a lot of activities for both children and adults to do.
This area is not the worst however there is nothing positive to do for the youth.
There needs to be more local businesses in my area, the only popular store around is Giant. Most places look dull and it needs to be rebuilt.
not my place of interest but not bad
Normal but unexciting and random at times
Nothing special or out of the ordinary
The job market is pretty bad in the immediate area but if you are willing to commute close to 20 minutes then they are a few opportunites
there is really nothing special about the businesses here it's just enough for what you need and some of what you want
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