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The housing in my neighborhood is very accommodating. They are nice enough and large enough for families that would like to stay for many years, colorful and well maintained. There are few abandoned homes and the cost for housing and utilities in this area are fairly reasonable.
The community in this are is okay. People tend to live here their whole life and it is pet friendly and people hardly discriminate for any reason. Most people are friendly and easy going. There is some violence and drug related crime but it is hardly noticeable in my particular neighborhood and usually effects other areas more than mine.
There is a lot of vandalism and graffiti and littering around this city. I must admit I'm quite a green thumb so road/sidewalk maintenance is kind of a big concern for me. Police are usually on top of their job for the most part so in regards to them i feel pretty safe but street lighting isn't always the greatest which isn't a good thing in neighborhoods around this area because not all neighborhoods are necessarily safe enough to be as dark as a they are. I personally would not want to walk on the streets alone a night due to the lack of proper lighting.
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I love living here, there's always something fun to do and there's numerous opportunities for people whether its school or work. Going to school in this city was always fun, so many different nationalities and so much pride in the people for where they come from. The only thing that i do not really enjoy about the area is the condition of the environment, it seems that not many people care about the litter and the pollution but granted this is a significantly populated area.
The safety in my neighborhood is not great. I do not feel safe walking around in this area.
I believe that the most important factor in buying a house or choosing someplace to live is safety. One should not live in fear of ever leaving the house. If I want to go for a walk, I fear something could happen to me. That is a disadvantage to living in my neighborhood.
Plenty of shopping and entertainment.
The atmosphere in this area it's great, for example, we have the beach close to home. The view in this area is one of a kind, and the people are always energetic and in a good mood. The restaurant around the area are great and full of diversity.
overall, my experience in this area has gotten worse over the years. there is too much pollution, violence, robbery, and the people are snobby and rude.
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