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I like that Broadview Heights is a very secure and family friendly place to live. I am able to take my daughter to the park without the threat of danger as well as able to go out with my husband and not feeling secure. It is really a great place to live.
I come from Cleveland, a not so nice part of Cleveland. Our vehicles were stolen more then once from our driveways, overdoses in the middle of the street weekly. I didn't feel safe there. I do in Broadview Hts. I'm not afraid to walk out of my house now. I would love for them to fix the roads, that's what I would like to see change.
I love the semi-small close-knit city/suburb. Friendly and generous community with a strong emphasis on faith. Broadview Heights is one of the safest suburbs to live in the state of Ohio. The diverse community is one of kind, friendly individuals. Mainly democratic suburb. Great school district athletics with outstanding teachers with a passion for teaching and the students. Recently constructed two new hospitals (UH and Metro) and a bunch of eating establishments, air-go a decent job opportunity base.
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The crime in this area is non existent. If there is an incidence, it is solved in a timely manner.
Great area to raise children. The police force is friendly and very helpful in this city. All the neighbors are very caring and helpful and there for you whenever you need it.
Due to the schools programs I am familiar with several cops and the fire-fighter chief. There is a program that encourages students to get to know officers. There are several programs agaisnt drug and alchol use, and our annual stats of safety rank the area very high. This past year there were no murders and only 3 attempted break in attempts. The highest crime in the area would be car accidents.
I will continue to live here. However, here are two hospitals opening up that will make things more congested. But the parks and schools are great. In Cleveland we have the 14th best school, no murders, and only 3 attempted break in's. It is very safe.
The most common crimes are traffic violations, petty theft, DUI's, and other drug-related issues, mostly with marijuana. Overall, I feel safe, but the drivers tend to be troublesome and in a rush; it's not the teenage drivers you need to watch out for, it's the older people living here who don't know what they're doing or where they're going. You also need to watch out for those who have had one too many to drink and middle-aged parents that are always running late, there's a tailgating problem here.
Overall, the area is really nice. However, it's a little on the quiet side, and much of the community tends to be and think alike. There is greater diversity amongst students here, but there is still a white-conservative tilt overall. After so many years here, I feel the need to get out of this "Brecksville Bubble" that the area has created and explore a little more.
police respond quickly and are visible
needs more restaurants, and economic growth
Just need more things to do and more name brand restaurants that will draw money into the community.
Local government really doesn't like chain restaurant and growth in the area . Need to add more things tondo there and offer more things to do.
There are not many crimes in the area and if there is its a traffic violation
It is a good experience, it is a quiet place with little crime and someone won a scholarship to build a new science lab at the achiol
Very safe environment, right size, recreation facility could be improved, Fair property taxes, winters have been brutal
There is a great mix of independent restaurant owners, which makes a great mixing of ethnic backgrounds and skills that make up a bunch of excellent places to eat.
Review Broadview Heights
everything is really close. convenience stores on every corner and grocery stores spread about. It's just a short drive to any malls or large gatherings of retail stores.
Mostly there are small business near by, so employment there is very small. we do have larger business but I have not looked in to their employment outlook
Very little crime in my city. Rarely ever happens
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