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I grew up in Broadview. It was a great neighborhood, no violence or anything unsafe. So glad I was able to have the childhood that I did in Broadview.
Broadview is a nice place to raise kids. More of a family neighborhood in which I enjoy very much. Have never experienced any violence and I've lived here for over 5 years. Don't know too much about the school system since I myself am a college student but it seems great. Not as much diversity as I would like but it's there. Everyone is pretty friendly. The storms can be horrible and the flooding is pretty bad especially if you live by the river. A lot of storms which makes it really convenient. I'm a city girl but I truly loooove living in broadview. I may miss the city some times but the quietness and peace of mind is well over worth it.
Our biggest thing that has ever happened is car theft with unlocked cars as far as I know.
I would live here again but I also wouldn't mind living somewhere else too.
We feel very safe here
Nice family area with good ethics
Since this area and surrounding ones flood frequently because of the river, the system has become efficient with taking care of problems residents have.
The only problem with living in a small, family-owned place is the fact that any jobs available are given to family friends or relatives.
There is a lot of variety for any kind of need, ranging from food to laundromats to pet salons. If there isn't a place you need down the block, it's only a five minute drive away.
I run and walk frequently throughout the day and even more so during the week since there are a lot of places that enable me to do so, since we have so many great trails.
The police department of North Riverside does its job fairly and effectively when need be. Some people complain about the taxes here, but I think they're worth it with good schools for young kids and a revered high school. The government does its job for the best of the residents.
There are a lot of good, family owned restaurants but also a great balance of chain sit-down places. The fast food is evenly balanced as well, with McDonald's as an option, but also Subway.
There are plenty of sidewalks and ways to cross busy streets safely with plenty of time. We have lots of clean forest trails that are good for walks and bike rides. There are conveniently placed bus stops for anyone who needs them with lots of routes to take.
The forest preserves here are great! It's very environmental and the forest are very well kept and clean of debris. We have a large deer population, but nothing for concern. They tend to stay in the forest, but if they wander out it never hurts anyone or pets.
Like any neighborhood, the area can get unsafe at night if there isn't someone watching out for you, but even then I feel pretty safe. Which says a lot, since I'm a young female. The police do their job and they do it right and fair, patrolling when the sun is going down. There isn't even a lot of crime in the neighborhood, and nothing gets damaged or broken into.
Always outside of my window I hear kids playing outside, which is a great indicator for how safe the neighborhood is. There are lots of people walking their dogs, gardening outside, and runners exercising on the forest trails down the street.
There may not be a lot of community events going on, but that doesn't stop residents from being friendly to people just driving/walking through to go to the local Target or other stores.
Within the area, there is a great mix of home owners and rentable space for people looking at apartments. They live cohesively together, and each neighborhood is safe. I always hear kids playing outside of apartment window, and across the street I love talking walks through the clean streets, admiring the houses and their gardens. People always greet me or give me a smile while I walk, which I think is sweet considering they may or may not know me.
There are many places to walk to! A safe feeling.
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