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I like how a lot of people know each other, there is definitely a sense of community here. The change I'd like to see is more people outside, whether that be going for a walk, jogging, or even just taking their kids outside. I think it's very important for people to be exposed to fresh air every day and by building more parks and leaving room for wide open spaces instead of buildings, more people would be more inclined to spend time in the outdoors.
Broadlands is diverse,close-knit, vibrant community with amazing schools that provide quality education, and sports and activities.
Planned community with decent amenities. Walking trails are nice. Current growth has surrounded the area with big box data centers. You have to drive to get to anywhere for basic needs. Schools are crowded and budget cuts have been adding to people's stress. Speeding is a problem on the main 4 lane road that cuts through the community. Not many after school options for middle school age kids unless they are enrolled on some kind of activity. Lifestyle is pretty much the same in all the Ashburn area. Air traffic noise from Dulles Airport and the close by fire station has been getting worse.
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Broadlands is an incredible place to grow up. I have lived in Broadlands for 17 years couldn't imagine growing up in any other place. The schools are nationally ranked, the neighborhoods are beautiful, and location is perfect. Broadlands is located very close to attractions such as dozens of Vinyards, Dulles Airport, and beautiful shopping centers. Even after finishing college, I decided to come back to Broadlands because it's such an easy place to feel comfortable. My only complaint is the area is very populated which often means there is traffic.
This was the safest neighborhood I have ever lived in. I previously lived in California before moving to Broadlands, and Broadlands certainly made me feel at home. The only drawback was the cost of living.
People are for the most part nice, wealthy, and the area is much more diverse as it grows. Great people and great community.
Outdoors is great for the most part, lots of paths and roads for people to walk on, there are many people who bike on the road, there are those that go hunting, others that go offroading. Hiking and camping is possible but not near the area.
Lots of health nuts and vegetarian/vegan people, gyms such as sport and health, golds, lifetime, and anytime fitness are available. You can always find someone jogging, biking, walking, and exercising.
Housing is some of the best in America, in Loudoun or Ashburn you can purchase an apartment or townhome, which is more expensive then most townhomes in the country,starting in the 400k for some townhomes. Since the Ashburn area is home to many families, there are villas and single family homes galore. You can find connected homes for about 500k, and large single family homes as high as $7 million. An average house in Ashburn or "Cashburn" as some would like to call it, is a 4000 square foot house that costs around 650k. There are many neighborhoods such as mine which is called the Village of Waxpool and others such as Quail Pond, Loudoun Valley Estates, and some areas of Brambleton where the average house is about 6500-7000 square feet and costs around $800k to over a million dollars. Yards are big for the most part, but in Brambleton there are houses that are 6000> square feet and place on less than half acre lots, so the houses are very close together in some areas. With that said, there are some neighborhoods where you can get as much as 1-15 acres of land for a 5000> square foot house. The housing attracts celebrities (mainly Washington Redskin players) such as RG3, Jay Gruden, Kedric Golston, Antwaan Randle El, Ryan Kerrigan, and many others. Various business owners and retired millionaires reside here as well, and in the nearby Great falls area it is even more wealthy, with homes that reach up to 20 million dollars. Most of the houses look the same, with the same estate brick/stone look and have 2-3 garages. Very few homes with one car garages, and there are some houses with 4,5, and even 6 car garages. Almost everyone has a driveway, some unique as circle driveways and some properties are gated, I would say if you have the money to afford a luxury home, Loudoun and Fairfax is the place to be. Houses are very well maintained, many with beautiful lights in the lawn to present the home, and lawns are taken care of by lawn care companies.
Although I do not know much about the public services, I can say that they take forever to fix extremely dangerous and unsafe roads such as Belmont Ridge road, which I live off of. Police and fire arrive on time as they really don't have much to do, so much that they could under-staff and still be fine. Local laws are fine I guess, but I don't know much about them. Mark Warner, Tim Caine, and Terry McAullife are the representatives I support, and they seem to be doing a pretty good job, and none show any corrupt qualities. Barbara Comstock was recently elected and although I do not support her party, I agree with some of her plans. One big thing is that every time I look up, they are cutting the funds for schools. What lcps (loudoun county public schools) does is build a school within 1 mile radius of another school to support the growing area, but then they are cutting corners on food, and teachers positions/salaries. With the constant building of schools, neighborhoods are constantly rezoned and many kids have to beg to be grandfathered so they can stay at the school they were originally supposed to graduate from. Other than school and the roads, public services are fine.
Loudoun/Fairfax or Ashburn to be specific is easily one of the best places in the country and even the world to live in, in my opinion. Area is safe, there are plenty of things to do, and the people are very nice. Many people would think since that there is a dominant race residing here that people may be racist, well as a minority residing in Ashburn, this is one of the least racist surburban towns in the state of Virginia. There is a moderately strong sense of community, as we hold 5k's and various events especially during the spring, summer, and fall seasons such as exotic car meets, fairs at Brambleton Town Center, fundraisers, and many halloween events for all ages. Christmas time is a special time, and there is the lighting of the tree in Brambleton, and the area is decked out in christmas lights. With that said, there are facebook groups titled "the real housewives of Ashburn" and similar things like that, but this is not the kind of place that has that small town feel, where everybody knows and watches out for everybody. Many people get to know each other through school and extracurricular sports leagues such as AYFL for football, T2RBL or AAU for basketball, and Loudoun soccer for soccer players. Parks and recs has many opportunities to for all ages to enjoy life in the community through the massive amount of schools and community centers in the area. Area is extremely pet friendly, there are 3 vets within the area and almost every resident either has a dog or cat, you can always drive into a neighborhood and see at least 3-5 people walking their dog. Ashburn and Brambleton/Aldie/South Riding are generally new areas so there are many middle aged people and young families with elementary to high school and even college students, so there are many people who have moved here, and there are some who move out. This is not the kind of place where people have lived here for 50 years, as Ashburn was merely farms grass and forests 25 years ago.
Barely any crime whatsoever, so little crime that police have to get bored on the job. Only crimes committed are underage drinking/smoking, few counts of larceny here and there and peeping tom once in awhile. Every year there is one suicide/murder but it is swept under the rug quickly and life moves on, and I hear sirens maybe once every 3 or 4 months. Only things police are doing around here is busting high school parties and pulling people over for speeding. Absolutely perfect place to raise a family, great and safe schools, picturesque neighborhoods, friendly people, safe neighborhoods, many people who come to loudoun or ashburn to be specific describe it as "disney world" or "wonderland" as it is so safe and beautiful.
There are restaurants of all types (cheap to very expensive) but none of them are open past 10, except for a few such as Buffalo wild wings and others. Plenty of American grill restaurants, a few italian restaurants, gourmet pizza restaurants, thai/chinese/japanese and even mongolian restaurants, a few Indian restaurants, so there's basically something for everybody. Even for those with expensive tastes, there are several Hibachi grills such as Otani in Broadlands, Benihana in Dulles, and Nagoya in Ashburn. My favorite restaurant is Sweet Water Tavern in dulles, where they serve their famous bottomless Ozzie rolls with sweet butter as the appetizer...mmm.... Few restaurant bars and almost no clubs which needs to change, and there are a few hookah lounges in the area as well. Overall if you want something specific (besides clubbing/dancing), Northern Virginia has it. For clubs you're gonna have to go to DC or Alexandria/Arlington for that. There are so many amazing restaurants in the Ashburn/Leesburg/Sterling/Fairfax/Reston area that when my family and I contemplate where to eat we always get in arguments because there is a ridiculous amount of choices in the area. So many that me and my dad decided to go around the area and do a "burger test" at all of the gourmet burger restaurants; which included Freddie's, Smashburger, Elevation Burger, and Five Guys.
Almost every person from age 16 and up has a job, as there are many businesses and stores that are willing to hire people of many ages. As of now, I have 3 offers from Audi, Porsche, and Mercedes just because of my age and resume. It is not hard at all to get a job around here.
Has nearly everything I want within a 30 mile radius.
You can basically get anything. Harris Teeter, Safeway, robeks, bonefish grill, All american steak house, Leesburg outlets, near tysons corner
There are a lot of jobs in retail and gyms and especially in the summer for college students but most of the parents commute to work either to DC or Maryland for their job.
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