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Nice and small! People in this town are very kind. Cannot walk somewhere without people saying hello to you. Right in the middle of other great areas. Cannot complain whatsoever.
I have never felt unsafe in my town.
This is a place to enjoy nature and live a crazy life!
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There is very little crime in the area that I live. Traffic violations seem to be the major area I see police involvement.
This area has a lot to offer. While I choose to live in a rural area with a lot of land there are areas that have a closer knit neighborhood feel. Limited big box stores and commercial development is both a positive (less traffic) and a negative (must drive to store).
there are many great old and new houses in the area
community events are always well attended and people are really involved
its a very safe place to live
it is nice living in the country but knowing all your stores and businesses are very close.
Some areas are more run down than others but overall pretty nice
There is a high sense of community when needed. People tend to live here for most of their life.
There are so many areas for every season of outdoor activities
Winters aren't awful and every other season is great there are never terrible, destructive storms
There are many non chain restaurants
There are job opportunities in the surrounding areas but in in this exact small town.
We have a fair variety of local businesses but all are very small and usually come and go
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