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In the recent months, the crime rate has gone up quite a bit. A few years ago the crime rate was lower than usual, but up until this year it has gone up. Even within the police department, there has been a lot of mishaps. Other than the higher crime rate this year, the police are not really visible, but are quick to respond and get to the scene in a applicable amount of time.
The area that I live in is very rural. There are a lot more fields full of corn and tobacco than there is land of the city. However, there is somewhat a lot within the town I live. There isn't much to do, but there is enough to keep the town going. The people here are mostly friendly, with the exception of a few. I do wish to move because there are not many high paying jobs within my field of study here. The town is growing though, at a very slow rate. There have been new restaurants appearing within the last few years. The quality of life is somewhat okay, although it really could be better.
there is lots of crime where I live because nobody cares how they live they all got one thing on mind and that's money but they go the wrong way about it in so many words they would rather still and kill then work for something.
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its a ok place but my future plans is to go somewhere better to better me self and to get a really good career that I enjoy doing.
I live right outside of city limits. It is country so there really isn't much traffic being you have to have transportation. Local transportation isn't available. There are some bad areas in town and the police are heavy in those areas.
There are a lot of clothing stores with up to date styles. The mall could actual become a mall instead of having only a handful of stores in it. There is a huge flea market that you can pretty much find everything.
A lot of plants shut down that were in the area. The few plant jobs that are left it is too hard to get your foot in the door. Jobs are still paying minimum wage. Too many fast food and grocery store jobs but not enough jobs for someone who wants a career in something else. Even when you get your degree they demand so much experience. No one is willing to work with you.
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