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14 reviews
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Great site to see. Peaceful and quiet . Highschools are ok but getting yourself settled down is good
My aunt had to call the cops a few times due to people across the street getting into shouting matches in the dead of night, but mostly it's alright. Several of our closer neighbors are really nice and we sometimes invite them over for dinner and Cards Against Humanity.
I lived with my aunt and uncle and moved with them when they moved. Most of the neighbors are nice, but some are loud while others don't care if their dog goes missing.
We don't have much crime at all.
I personally really enjoy the area.
needs more recreational things to do
nice place to live good housing
The quality of housing is great on one side of the city, but on the other side it is run down. There are numerous vacant buildings and they have been vacant for years and years to come. The cost of living here is average, it is not too expensive. The best areas to reside in is near exit 5 and exit 7; the worst areas to reside in is near exit 1 and exit 3.
People tend to be born here and live here for most of their lives. The community if very pet friendly and loves animals. Some of the community interact with each other but most of the community does not.
I live in the safer part of my area so I do not see much crime. I feel safe living in Bristol for the most part because police are almost everywhere and they respomd quickly when they are needed. The only concern I have is over half the city is in poverty which usually increases the crime that happens.
It all depends on where and what neighborhood people live in. Bristol has some very bad parts of town that is not a great atmosphere to live in. Although Bristol is somewhat safe, I would not choose to live here again because I want to live in a bigger city that has a lot more activities to do. On the higher end of Bristol, I see improvements being done and it becoming bigger in the future, but in the lower end of the city, I see the crime rate going up in the future along with more poverty.
Constant fighting in the parking lots and buildings

Drug deals made in daylight right in front of everyone nothing is ever done

Always broken beer bottles on the ground where my while can't even play without me checking every inch first

People being robbed in daytime and nobody does anything to stop it

Im going back to school to get my child out of his place so he never has to live in a place like this again. It's constant drugs and cops I fear my son will learn that lifestyle and become it.

This neighborhood isn't livable for rats let along people it's unsafe and unclean
There are some annoying kids that can cause problems.
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