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Lived here all twenty seven years of my life and I have seen a lot, But at the end this is a small town and everyone comes together. My graduating class was one of the smallest with a small high school and elementary just minutes away from each other everyone knows everyone in some instances it may be bad, but not here it's more like family.
Bristol Township is a beautiful place. It has enough wildlife and trees to make you feel like you're in the country but also enough places to shop and go to for fun to make it feel like a city. The people are courteous and the city is well kept.
Bristol Township is situated in a nice spot along the I 95 corridor and is a short ride away from Philadelphia. Public schools are good. The bad thing is the pollution there are two landfills, a factory, and a medical waste facility it's not the cleanest air to breathe.
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As years go by, the drug scene made in this area get worse. Police action is some times taken, but not always effective. If so, things are calm for 6 months to a year and start right back over again. I have being living in this same apartment for a little over 10 years and i would not chose to live here again. Now, compared to every other area in the country i would not say it is THAT bad but i am not comfortable. The future of this area will continue to get worse, unless the right law enforcement actions are taken.
Since is close to a couple bad areas is a little concerning that some type of vandalism would happen; however, there has not been any major issue for a long time.
This area basically has it all that is necessary: Good schools, big parks with a lot of green spaces, shopping malls and shopping centers, a great variety of restaurants, two major cities close, and overall is safe and quiet. The future is optimistic for this zone, it might not grow fast but it will keep its citizens with steady jobs.
Local businesses are wonderful here! Just from my own experience every shop owner has been super nice and helpful.
most crime is drug related
politicians are the same everywhere.
Nice to get all for seasons
just the basic chain restaurants
a lot of fast food places, nothing spectacular. Nearest mall is about 20 minutes
Our family cars have been broken into a couple of times. That makes me nervous.
The past couple of winters have been very cold and snowy. Road conditions deteriorate. Spring and Fall are beautiful and you can wear light weight clothing and feel comfortable. We get some heat waves in Summer where the temperature is over 90 degrees for several days in a row. Often the humidity is what makes the summer days feel warmer than what they are.
Local restaurants are basically chain restaurants. There are a few Italian Trattorias, however, I have not eaten in any of them. We do have a great Chinese Restaurant nearby called Hong Kong Pearl.
I am a high school student and do not have a job. Both of my parents travel to their jobs as do our neighbors. The location is good for part time jobs such as grocery stores, mall stores or seasonal employment at nearby Sesame Place.
Everything I need is very local. As an underage student, I like to go to the Mall, movies, bowling, local restaurants etc. All of these things are within a 5 minute car drive. We are also in very close proximity to another mall in a neighboring town.
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There is not many good options around in Bristol however a couple mile drive to Langhorne all you have very good variety of anything you might be interested in.
We do have four seasons which is nice, you get a littke bit if everything. However yes mother nature is almost never predictable but the weather is enjoyable.
The reality is that we as a nation have not bounced back with employment opportunities entirely. I think there could be positive outcomes that may be more prevalent in the next couple years.
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